ANTM 13.07 “Petite Ninja Warriors” Photo Shoot

Last night on America’s Next Top Model, the girls went on go-sees and portrayed ninja warriors in their photo shoot. The photo shoot was then blended together to create an action sequence of sorts.

Nicole’s photo was by far my favorite! Which photo did you like the best? The worst?

Here are the photos, in call-out order.


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model

Image: Pottle Productions

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    • k i c

      D: jennifer must have been a venus fly trap in her past life…
      i agree with the top for accept erin should have been third :P just cause nicole, laura, and erin are my faves.. :D
      some of the sytling could have improved as i think brittany’s pics look of becuase of the weird color combo…

    • Aaron

      I think Jennifer should have been MUCH higher on the list; second or third at most. Both Laura and Nicole deserved their placing, but Erin and Brittany’s photos are definitely worse than Jennifer’s. Her movement is so powerful and graceful, and her face looks amazing.

    • fiona

      I think in terms of performance, the order of call out really matters for the top 5 girls because they did so well. I was hoping that jen would be called earlier but when many of them do a good job and are put into order, consequently even ones that performed well may be called later (4th to the last for Jennifer.) Oh and isnt ninja is a Japanese warrior? I thought tyra said this photo shoot was about chinese worrior like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon type of thing??

    • Jennifer

      this is the 1st time i think the call out order was perfect.. but it was kind of easy to put in order. i loved this shoot. it was awesome. nicole, laura, and brittany did BEAUTIFULLY. in a “imma beat your ass” way. wow.
      these girls are actually really gorgeous.. I think I’d be happy for any of them to win. I think nicole has it in the bag…

    • Levin

      Brittany looks like she’s about to slice her thigh or something….
      I don’t think her pic should have been that high on the list

    • chantal


    • liz

      erin should have been called out second. still dont get the fuss over laura. there is nothing aspirational about her beauty. she is just a kinda pretty girl whose face can take makeup well, but there is no way i would do a double take if i saw her on the street. and btw….how is jennifer still here???? she sucks

    • milkyaqua

      Eh, I think the order was right. Jennifer had one good photo face-wise and that was the middle one. Her body was good in all three but she looked nuts in the other two. I didn’t expect Laura to be called as high as she was. I actually expected her to be called either 4th or 5th. Nicole, Brittany and Erin were the ones I expected to be called high. The bottom three were obvious with Jennifer being the wild card. Was Tyra going to call her high based on her one good middle face photo or was the going to overlook the two bad side photos and call her higher because of her body positioning? Martial arts wise (according to folks who claim to know something about it) Jennifer and Nicole had the best positioning.

    • http://deleted dominic

      Nicole looked amazing compared to last week’s mess. I really like Erin and Laura’s photo too. I think Sundai will be next to go followed by Jennifer. I don’t see Jennifer as ANTM.