What Makes Sookie & Jackson a Perfect Match?

In ‘I Can’t Get Started‘, Sookie & Jackson get married! Yay! One of my favorite Gilmore Girls couples, by far! As Lorelai said, it’s like “a real live love story.”


So, what is it that makes Jackson & Sookie perfect for each other? Here are some of my ideas, but please add some of your own!!

  • They both love food
  • They are both obsessed with perfection
  • They are both eccentric – Sookie’s clumsiness, Jackson sleeping with his veggies
  • They respect each other completely
  • They both are kind of oddball
  • Their fights keep them passionate
  • Jackson knows how to deal with Sookie when she goes overboard
  • They are both independent – both entrepreneurs
  • They’re both shy

Here’s a tribute video to Sookie & Jackson:

Watch this episode of Gilmore Girls on TheWB.com here.

Image: TheWB.com

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    • dolphin

      I like that there’s a stable couple in the show, who shows us, what it feels like to have a real partner in your life, who you can count on in every situation, in hard times too. But they don’t seem too perfect, they’re not a front page “dream copule”, so you won’t get sick of them, you just feel happy for them.
      (Yeah, I know there’s Emily and Richard too, but we didn’t see them get together, and this post is not about them…)

    • http://stacypitchers.blogspot.com Stacy Pitcher

      I loved the video so much. Sookie and Jackson seemed right for each other. I cannot imagine them with other people. They had the perfect courtship and a wonderful family. Of course, they did not have a perfect life. Like when he did not get a vasectomy and got her pregnant. The show would not have been the same without them.