Lindsay Lohan shops at Dior in Manhattan

Lindsay Lohan shops at Dior on 57th Street in Manhattan Wednesday looking casual but stylish in black leggings, a see-thru, revealing beige top covered with a black jacket and a knit cap.


To me, Lindsay is looking pretty good, especially in this first photo. I’m glad to see her bounce back from all of the trash talk she has more than likely heard the last few days.

Her shoes rock, by the way.



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    • OMG

      The best she looked in October!!!!!!!!!!

    • serafina

      Those shoes are hot!

    • michelle


    • chris p

      Is that a black candle??? People??????

    • zypher

      gosh…she’s hot than ever…

    • zypher of water i guess…

    • chris p

      Thnks :) but its black? Black water?

    • The_girl_from_Bulgaria

      omg she looks stunning! i love her hat in the first photo! i love this look!

    • sjeihan

      wow..Lindsay looks so beautiful, I love the first pic too…why sometimes other sites in purpose use the bad photo of her even they have agood one…

    • Mak

      Real good

    • pepi

      Glad to see her so stylish
      her shoes are incredible!

    • http://yahoo brian

      omg guys FREAKY FRIDAY 2 is rumored to be in works and our girl lindz will reprize her role

      keep our fingers cross

      please let this be true

    • http://yahoo brian

      you look amazing l-square

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