Kim Zolciak Will Reveal The Hair Under The Weave

The Bonnie Hunt Show, season 2 Kim Zolciak Bonnie HuntReal Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak paid a visit to her friend Bonnie Hunt this morning, perhaps plugging her upcoming wig line? That would make sense since this is her story line this week. Kim bought Bonnie a wig as a gift, to help her with her infamous Kim Zolciak impersonation. If you’ve never seen Bonnie’s send-up of Kim, with Niecy Nash playing her cast-mate Nene Leakes, you must. It is a gift to the world.

Kim says she will do a photo shoot soon with a “major magazine” where we finally get to see her real hair. Maybe she’ll be bald? Maybe her hair will be made of hay? Who knows? She tells Bonnie that naturally, everyone will think it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever laid their eyes on: “People are going to love it. Everybody at home sees it and are like, ‘You look so pretty.”

You can watch a clip of Kim’s interview at the Bonnie Hunt Show website.

[Image: Provided by Bonnie Hunt Show, used with permission]

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    • IHeartBRAVO

      She also talked about wearing a ring to cover up a tattoo on her finger. (Does it say Lee?) for a moment I thought I was watching Gretchen, but then again, she hasn’t been quite as candid about her love life…
      Bonnie as Kim is OFF THE CHAIN FUNNY!

    • talia

      I am very curious to see what she looks like without this wig. I can’t imagine it would be that bad. I think the wigs look really bad, so obviously wig like.

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    • Vonya

      I just about lost all my own hair when Kim said she spends about $12K a month on friggin throw away hair! WTF is she thinking! There are people in this world who don’t see that much money in a damn year-and she’s living in a duplex! C’mon! How in the world does someone reach a point when they think they can act that way and call themselves “Real”? (Unless it’s Real GOLD-DIGGERS, MISTRESSES, SKANKS, WHORES……I could go on but I’m still in shock over that damn throw away rug story! The only “RUG” I’d spend $12K for better be on my friggin floor! UN-B-WEAVABLE!!!)

      I can’t watch the engagement party after AJ’s death…..It’s gotta be killing Kandi (and I bet her mom’s feeling some serious guilt for not treating him better…and that’s NOT meant as a dig on Kandi’s mom, it’s just how I would feel if I were in her position) to deal with those scenes. It has to be hard for all of them–remember Dwight and Nene making fun of him?? Normal folks would feel guilty….but, I guess we all know they’re not normal (they remind us little people of that every chance they get.)

      I’ve gotta catch the Bonnie Hunt and Neicy Nash impersonations…I think they’ve gotta be hilarious!

      Rumor and/or insinuations are that Kim’s doing Playboy! That would not surprise me at all–she has a framed enlarged picture of her bare-ass naked that hangs in HER HALLWAY!!! Am I being a prude? I just don’t think that’s a photo your kids’ friends had to see (and ya can’t miss it!)! That’s just sick! How does she keep custody of those kids? That’s not a good, responsible, wholesome home for two young girls!

      Okay, I gotta get off my soap box…….sorry for venting, thanks for reading!

    • gweduck

      Why are you on that show?? Who needs Ghetto NeNe in there life?

    • Rebecca

      I don’t think anyone has the right to judge anyone else. None of us are perfect. We all have our issues and problems. However, as being a mom myself I would hate being judged on my parenting or being called a bad mother. You don’t know what goes on in that house. She could be an amazing mom… we all just see a few minutes of these peoples lives every week. You might not agree with some of the choices she choses, but to call her a whore,a bad mother,and so forth to me is awful.Questioning someones rights to being a parent to me is probably the worst thing one can say about someone. I would die inside if someone made those comments about me. None of us know the story behind it. I personally think Kim is a beautiful,funny women who is just trying to live her life.I might not agree with everything I see or hear about her…but I don’t think she is a bad person at all. Thats all I have to say.

    • Vonya

      Rebecca, I just have to ask, would YOU trust Kim with YOUR children?? I can’t have children and, as a survivor of an extremely abusive childhood, perhaps I do have a strong opinion about such things–but ya know, when you proudly advertise AND publicize the fact that you’re sleeping with another woman’s husband (who also happens to have children) and being financially compensated by said “man”, what else would you call it? She has two young and impressionable daughters….what do you think they’re learning from her example? Like I said, would you let her babysit for you? Are you seriously unable to see the problem? Perhaps, by your standards, she is an “amazing mom”, but I wouldn’t let her muck out stalls or walk my dogs!

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