George Clooney will adopt some of Brad Pitt’s kids

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some good old joking around between Brad Pitt and George Clooney. That’s why I love when they’re in movies together, because the constant kidding around, pranks, and silly statements to the press are just hilarious.


With George Clooney having a new girlfriend again a lot of people in the press have been asking him if he’s finally starting to feel the urge to ditch his bachelor ways, settle down with one woman, and perhaps have a couple of children of his own. It doesn’t sound like he’s ready for that route, but he may look into adoption:

“I am going to adopt some of Brad Pitt’s (children), I owe him a few.”

Brad Pitt and George Clooney are truly my favorite “bromance” in Hollywood. They never fail to make me smile!

Image: Newscom


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    • Dana

      Sherry, thank you for the news. I love George and Brad’s silly statements, they are so hilarious :) I like George, but honestly I can’t imagine him settling down with one woman ;)

    • kim

      Love these guys and their bromance. Saw Clooney’s movie Michael Clayton this weekend it was really good.

    • Sherry

      Just a little heads’ up for anyone who’s interested, if you look up at the top of the page next to “Home” I’ve added some new pages that you can refer to. The first is a re-posting of the comment policy here at PittWatch, the second is just a little “about” page, and the third one is various ways to contact me.


    • stratoula

      Xaxaxa!!!I don’t think Angie is going to like that!!!Thanks Sherry!!!Always like their bromance!!!

    • Kri S.

      video of brad and angie with the twins in jordan..

    • josephine

      i love george clooney. he can adopt me anytime. lol!

    • Arrie09

      LOL!! How amusing! Brad’s great George’s funni!! they r a great bromance!!

    • Fa

      LOL! What movie is Mr. Clooney promoting this time?

    • neela

      i wonder if george clooney will be like warren beatty. the latter eventually married and had kids, but right now, it seems clooney will be a bachelor forever.

      these 2 do have a great bromance. if one of them were a woman, they’d probably be a couple.

    • Lucy

      I love how they joke with each other. George movie is something, something Mr.Fox. I read about you Sherry right after I read the PW policy. I did not realize you have three other blogsites. You are one busy lady. I see that Laineygossip works for etalk Canada as I read her site too.

    • Kati

      Sherry – thanks for this absolutely hilarious story! I´ve missed this joking between George and Brad. I don´t think that Angie will be very upset about this statement. She knows George and will have a good laugh if she ever reads this. Dana – I agree with you. Maybe George won´t ever settle down with one woman like Brad. In that perspective they´re completely different. But IF he did he most certaily would be a perfect husband and father. Although he has said that he doesn´t like children I think he adores Brad and Angie´s children. And they love “uncle” George. Lets hope that George will settle down with his current girlfriend Elisabetta and have a family.

    • Victoria

      Thank you Kri S. for the video link; Knox looks super-cute, and just like his Dad (and Shiloh, and Vivienne (except for her eyes)). And Brad looks smiley, too; I often feel that he, unlike Angie, is quite unnerved by the constant media attention. I feel bad seeing them not being able to walk to their car normally, but surrounded by people with mobile phone cameras acting hysterically. What a life! I would hate having to live like that. Yes, they often manage to go out unnoticed – unnoticed meaning by the paparazzi, but as we can see here, they still get noticed by the normal people around, who then start acting just like the paparazzi….. Having said that, it would be very hard for me to resist taking photos, too, if I saw them….

      Anyway, glad to see Brad looking happy and Knox so cute.

    • Kati

      Kri S – thanks for that wonderful video! It´s so cute. Both Brad and Angie look really happy. And OMG does Knox look really cute. He will be a heartbreaker just like his dad. Can´t really see Viv but I think that she looks really cute too. Thank God there are pics of this outing where we can see her. She looks beautiful in that one pic where her earring is showing. Another heartbreaker in the making. God bless this family!

    • Mary Ann

      Maybe George will be like Warren, but I kind of doubt it. This women that he is seeing now is very beautiful. I love when he and Brad joke around.

    • Amy
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