Angelina Jolie may play another spy in “The Tourist”

We already know that Angelina Jolie is fantastic in high-adrenaline action movies; she’s so good at it, one of the best female action stars around, that they re-wrote Salt when she replaced Tom Cruise just so she could star in it.


The current movie buzz is that Angelina may replace Charlize Theron in another action spy flick, The Tourist which will be released in 2010. If she takes the role, Angie will play an Interpol agent who engages in a ruse to entrap her criminal ex-lover. What amused me a bit is that this is yet another spy film which was meant to have Tom Cruise in the (male) lead role, but he’s since been replaced by Sam Worthington.

The movie is still being shopped around for a new director though, so it may be some time before anything gets started. On the one hand, I don’t want Angelina to get typecast in all these spy/assassin roles because I would like to see her do other dramatic films and even some light humor. However, I do love to see her in action roles and she’s just so good at it. I think she really enjoys all the excitement of the stunts that she performs, so it would be great if she does take on this movie. Time will tell!

Image: Newscom


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    • 007

      As much as I like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I’m not very interested in seeing Bradley and and Angelina together in that sort of project again (hah… sounds so dorky with the full name! Just had to try it). Besides, historically, it hasn’t been a good move for couples to do movies together (The most recent example was Tom and Nicole I belive… “Days of Thunder” = got together, “Eyes Wide Shut” = relationship crackles). The time they spend together privately on themselves, their family and their joint/seperate projects is a healthy combination for a relationship.

      Doing a movie together would mean too much time working and being stuck with each other without a breather, and then having the whole family-thing after work to handle as well… (I’m not saying that nding more time together is bad, just that it won’t give much time for a breather, since they are now also together off-screen as well, unlike when they did “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”). Why strain something that’s working well for them as is?

      H e l e n —> Steed and Peel were in “The Avengers”. Continuing on that note; it has already been filmed; in -98 with Uma Thurman & Ralph Fiennes. :)

      All that aside; I’d certainly enjoy Angie in a well crafted action movie with a dash of dry British humour!

    • cee

      Just mention Angie’s name and there is buzz about a project. I wish that Brad and Angie could just live their lives without being dragged into everyones’s project that needs attention.

    • Mary Ann

      I think that Brad and Angie are enjoying their life right now, home most of the time with the children. Of course they will continue to make movies but I think we will see longer breaks in between. If she makes this movie of course I would go to see it.

    • angie fan

      Janice likes to stir up a little trouble. Notice all her posts. Brad and Angie are fine. Lots of pics of them together Janice. So what’s up?

    • Kati

      I think that this whole story of Angie replacing Charlize Threon in The Tourist is just a rumor. She certainly want to have a long break from filming after doing so many movies lately. Still hope that this was true but have my doubts. I, too, would love to see more pics of Brad and Angie together but I also respect their privacy. They have every right to relax for a change. And in France they can do that. In the States the paps would follow their every move 24/7. The children sure love being in France. I love the fact that in the latest pics of Angie, Zee and Shi going shopping Princess Zee is smiling for a change. She always looks so angry and serious when pictured in the States because of all those paps. Now she can relax because her family isn´t harassed 24/7. God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

    • kim

      Steed and Mrs. Peele is from the Avengers (british version). and to play a dick van dyke and mary tyler moore charcters(Rob and Laura Petrie) would be a great honor. Playing the exact opposite of who you are is what makes you a good actor. Did some people wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (LouAnn)? And Brad also said in an interview that if the right movie came along they would work together again, but it would have to be good.

    • Sherry

      Janice, I’m not sure how much more you’re hoping for in the way of photos. As Irma pointed out, they were just recently seen together in Syria, in Jordan with the kids, and shopping in France. Several accounts have also placed them in Kenya together even though they were able to avoid photographers.

      In the past when they’ve been busy with one of them filming a movie (especially when Angie was finishing up “Salt” and Brad was promoting at the same time) we’ve gone much longer without seeing them together.

      As fans, there’s really only so much that we can expect of them, you know?

    • Janice

      So sorry you feel I like to stir things up Angie fan, did I say this was an awesome family; I just like to see pics of them together and truly applaud them as a couple! They are my favorite couple in show biz, perhaps they have been giving the ‘paps’ a run for their money by avoiding getting their pictures taken.

    • just an observer

      Angie reminds me of Bette Davis, in that she says so much with her eyes. I loved her in Life,or Something Like It. And I loved her in Playing by Heart. Both movies showed her warmth and kirkie humor. Also in Life or Something Like It, when she interviewed the woman reporter, her eyes just bore into the other character’s soul.

      There are many other scenes where Angie’s eyes convey the emotion of the scene. For example in AMH, when she was in the bed looking at her cell phone after her husband was kidnapped, her eyes were so sad, desperate yet hopeful. And in the scene close to end, when she is talking to group of people who tried to help her find her husband, she said “I am not terrified and you cannot be terrified” Something like that, but she conveyed so much courage in that scene.

      So I am a AJ fan and thinks she is a very versatile actress. Since 2000 she has deliberately, it seems, only picked films that would fit into her schedule of humanitarian work and being a mother. Yet she has managed such a great career. I think she wants to be around for a long time, and by cheerie-picking her films she has managed to create a good career.

      But the bottom line is she is very talented and she is not greedy about her career. (In order words, she is not out making 3 -4 films every year like some others.)

      I like her in action roles (no other female star today can match her intensity, playfullness and physicality). I like her in dramas and I like her in light-heated roles. I also think she would be great in comedy – she can vamp it up with the best of them.

    • sunny

      Cruise had several projects in developped stage (Salt etc ) but had left some of them(Salt, The Tourist) since he chose the spy role in Whichita. They are all spy movies and his characters look similar. All Cruize’s movies were made by CAA’s package as Brad’s. Theron didn’t have an agent when she signed this project last year but she became WME’s head Emanuel’s client this summer and she signed Huncock2 recently. The shooting will be next year. Theron and Emanuel can develop their own project without CAA.
      CAA replaced Cruize with a younger and less known actor. Theron’s character can be Cruize’s love interest but not be this actor’s. She is bigger actor than him. I don’t know if Angie will accept this project. If she will, the script will be rewritten to focus on her character.
      Sherry, I didn’t see The Tourist’s releasing time. What I read was the producers were planning shooting early next year. So I thought they were planning 2011 release.
      Anyway casting Angie and shooting early next year are all producer’s wishful thinking.

    • Fa

      I believe it’s not a rumor. It was in Hollywood Reporter and they are relatively accurate. Besides, Theron and Cruise could work or not (I’ll be bad just for once: Cruise was going to need some really high hills), but she and Sam Worthington was a risky business.

      In anyway, since Theron is out, Angelina is the logical choice, since she can carry the movie and producers can keep Worthington. I didn’t read the script so I can’t say if Angelina’s part is big enough or not. But I also think she signs for a movie because of its quality, not for the size of her role. IMHO, I’d like to see Angelina working, no matter in what movie.

      In any way, HR didn’t say she had accepted the part, just it was offered to her.

    • Fa

      Specially to W:

      I like “Life Or Something Like It” but if you want to see a completely different Angelina Jolie, try “Playing by Heart”.

      However, I must give you a warning: you can’t avoid falling for Angelina after watching this movie. So, if you haven’t done that yet and you don’t want to, never watch this movie!

      When she ends the quote “Last time I saw Harry he was wearing a blue sweater and an idiotic expression. The sweater was new.” while speaking on the phone in the beginning of the movie, you’re already lost.

    • neela

      i love her in action films, but yeah, it would be a bit tiring to see her playing an assassin again and again … well, maybe. i did love her in mr. and mrs. smith and wanted. if the script is great, then, it wouldn’t really matter, too.

    • josephine

      i really believe that it would be a waste if Angelina gets labeled as an action star. she is an award winning actress. she should be able to sink her teeth into any role. my dream is a romantic comedy with brad. what? hey it can happen.

    • neer

      I don’t mind watching AJ in another action film. I would like to believe the stories of the action movies she makes are different from each other. The only similarity is the genre (Action)& nothing else. The styles & stories are different. For instance, WANTED (about Fraternity code)is not the same as MR.& MRS. SMITH (about unhappy spouses trying to kill each other). TOMB RAIDER movies (about a wealthy archeologist-adventurer)is another. So even if she makes one action film to another, it doesn’t undermine her dramatic talents and the accolades she has already received. I know that SALT is showing next year but I am now very excited to watch it. If she makes “THE TOURIST” then this is something new as she will play seductress-spy role to entrap her criminal ex-lover. In SALT, she plays CIA agent who’s accused of being a Russian agent & the story revolves on how she will convince her superiors her. Hence, there’s no worry if she makes action films in succession because we trust AJ to choose wisely.