Lindsay Lohan talks on her cell phone in Paris

Lindsay Lohan was spotted talking on her cell phone and smoking a cigarette while taking a break from shopping in Paris Saturday.

Lindsay was wearing all black from head to toe – with her leather black jacket, black leggings and knee-high black boots.











Images: Fame Pictures

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    • http://- kate m

      i totally adore her last time. she’s pretty and she just glows. but sadly, i really have to say, she look awful these days. what happened to her? she didn’t comb her hair, she looks pale, she’s like turning into samantha. gosh. she’s so not attractive nowadays. I really do wish she could go back to her pretty self.

    • michelle

      I think she looks kinda nice here, I like what she,s wearing, especially her boots.. m xx

    • @LindsayForever

      kate m, a person can’t look fantastic all the time and every day.Sorry. Understand her…

    • @LindsayForever

      By the way she’s really adorable and i love her clothes!

    • Noelle

      Lindsay must be talking to Samantha on her celly. While waiting for Samantha to pick up, she looks all mad while smoking her ciggy. Then Samantha answers & Lindsay’s all happy. Btw, Lindsay needs a couple of days of rest.

    • pepi

      she stills lools tired but beautiful at the same time
      love her clothes, her boots are fendi? love them

    • dukesr

      Even on her bad days,she looks pretty.
      If she’d go back to red hair and gain at least 10 pounds,
      she’d be beautiful.

    • kundrie

      poor thing

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      i like that whole outfit,toughLL,but it would look better with red hair,no cig.:)

    • Harry S.

      Indeed no cig preferably. Apart from that she looks better now that her body-mass-index seems to be on a healthy level now: Hot legs in pic #5 for instance.
      Anyway…Harry loves Lindsay.

    • The_girl_from_Bulgaria

      she is so beautiful in these pics.. i love her outfit!

    • belfastchild3

      As Lindsay said herself once “I’m normal, I can look like shit sometimes” I think she looks good here, tired but good. Don’t forget she has been working hard and very disappointed at the reception her collection received. The red hair will be back, she only changed it because the film makers of Machete asked her to, but she can only change it back after a certain time period.

    • http://yahoo brian

      why so cute lilo

      gotta love her