Shiloh and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Mirror images!

When we finally got to see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie out with Knox and Vivienne many people were astounded by how much resemblance there is between Shiloh and Vivienne. You can sort of expect some similarities between siblings sometimes, but the fact is, the two look just about like mirror images of each other!

A regular PittWatch reader and commenter, JoliePittFanatic created a composite image that allows us to see how Shiloh and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt are almost identical at that same age. It’s stunning, really. They have the same cheeks, lips, and big beautiful eyes.

I’ll be interested to see if the resemblance sticks as they get older; my daughters looked a little bit alike when they were each babies but they’ve changed drastically as they’ve grown and my three-year-old doesn’t look that much like her big sister did at that same age. I wonder if Shiloh and Vivienne will still look alike later in life or if that will change.

Thanks so much JPF for letting me use your image!

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    • joliepittfanatic

      UNDER MOD- Responses to Kati and kimmy.

    • Mary

      Both are so beautiful and so sweet. They do look so much alike. I love Viv’s earrings. My doctor pierced my baby girls ear at her 2 week check-up and that was 11 years ago.
      I love this beautiful family to. Many blessing upon the entire family. They are such a loving caring family whom deserve so much love returned to them.

    • darkfhyre

      I agree with joliepittfanatic – Viv has Angie’s eyes, while Shi has Brad’s.Both have lips that pout though which is nice

    • Kati

      Oops! I meant to say that I couldn´t agree with you more, Amy & Josephine! I have watched these beautiful pics of Shi and Viv over and over again and can´t get enough of them. They both are beautiful little girls. I think Shi has Brad´s eye shape and Viv has Angie´s. But the color comes from their dad. And kimmy – thanks very much for that absolutely beautiful comparison pic of Angie, Shi and Viv! Where did you find that beautiful black&white pic of Angie? It´s just soooo adorable. It shows how much Viv looks like her mum. But also Shi looks a lot like Angie in that pic you´d chosen of Shi. I still think that Shi looks more like Brad. But what´s more important than the outer beauty is that all the JP kids are happy and healthy. God bless this family always!

    • lauranna

      Vivienne looks more like Angie. She’s really beautifull while Shiloh is pretty.

    • eyediva

      oh how beautiful, shiloh has been my fave celeb baby, cause she is pretty cherub thang, i am bias cause I adore Angie and brad, they have a strong DNA line cause they are very identical…God bless these babies and their parents..Brad, I want your baby too LOL

      whats up my fellow Randi girls…ya girl Eyediva in da house keepin it real and taking no ish from haters of the PITT JOLIE FAMILY…so don’t start nothing over here…Sorry Sherri, just had to get that out…love your site, love you thanks for keeping us up on the news :)

    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – thanks so much of that Shi/Viv comparison pic of them both in their debut pics in People. If I didn´t know better which one is which I could say that they are twins. They look so identical in these pics. So innocent and beautiful. Both have exactly the same mouth and same brown hair. Now they both have blond hair. But I think that Viv´s hair will turn dark brown in time while Shi probably will always have this beautiful blond hair. Or maybe it´ll turn into light brown. Gopd bless this beautiful family!

    • smile


      The link below has a very interesting article about Shiloh stars at pirate movie.

    • smile

      Below is the interesting part about Shiloh:

      After watching Pirates Of The Caribbean more than 10 times, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wants to star in her own pirate movie. She would like her character’s name to be Peter Pirate, and she goes around the house calling her siblings “matey” all the time. A source says: “She’s got Brad wrapped around her little finger. And if she wants to star in a pirate film, he very well might make it happen.” Shiloh told Brad the film must have “absolutely no ghosts or skeletons” because they scare her too much!

    • joliepittfanatic

      smile- I clicked the link to read the article…and it says that the source is In Touch (“according to In Touch…”). Therefore, I’d take it with a grain of salt. I can maybe see Shiloh doing some more cameo roles like the one she did in CCOBB, but I doubt Angie and Brad will let her do full-on acting until she’s grown. :)

    • Boss

      I don’t think that they look the same. Sure they’re both blond and have blue eyes but that’s because of their parents.

      Could it be that Vivi looks more like Angelina?