Jill Zarin Knew Of Bethenny’s Solo Show Back In May

bethenny_deliflatsLast Wednesday, Fox News interviewed Bethenny Frankel at the same Deli Flats event I was at, but they took it there and asked Bethenny about her alleged feud with former BFF Jill Zarin.  According to the report, Bethenny did “admit there was a rift” but declined to go into details. They want us to, as the tired old maxim says, “watch what happens!”However, she is gettting along with former rival Kelly Bensimon. I follow Kelly on Twitter, where she’s started responding to every one who talks to her and Kelly has mentioned numerous times that it’s all cool and that Bethenny picked the previous fights for “press.”

Meanwhile, they caught up with Jill Zarin that same night, who like every good Momma, said she knew the show was being developed way back in May and that watching Bethenny get her own show was like watching the catterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly! A butterfly who you now wouldn’t invite to a dinner party. She did extend a general congratulations to Bethenny on her new show via Twitter.

Who’s side are you on? Bethenny or Jill?

[Image: Devries PR, used with permission]

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    • Gavin

      Team Jill ALL THE WAY!!

    • Amanda

      Are you kidding…I could write that story…Team Jill all the way. Seems Miss Skinnygirl is now a skinny bitch and forgot who and where she came from. Can’t wait to see what happens next season!

    • bbk

      according to obnoxious rlfiii on twitter (a sales associate at john varvatos in ny) alex, simon and kelly filmed there today.