Mary-Kate & Ashley’s “Race to the Altar”

mary-kate ashley olsenThe most recent issue of Star (the one with Tori Spelling on the cover) has a hilarious story about Mary-Kate and Ashley inside. Apparently, the girls are racing to the altar and are competing over not only who is going to be married first, but whose wedding is going to be the best!

“Mary-Kate and Ashley are trying to one-up each other with their weddings,” a source tells the tabloid. “Neither of them wants to be second, because whoever gets married first will steal all the attention from the other!”

There were already engagement rumors about Ashley and her boyfriend, Justin Bartha, earlier this year. They originated in Star and Ashley’s rep publicly denied them.

Mary-Kate is supposedly eager to get hitched too – and is worried about Ashley’s own wedding stealing her thunder.

“She would love nothing more than to have people talk about her wedding for years to come — and forget all about Ashley’s!” the source exclaimed.

This entire story is preposterous. Both girls are young, busy and not even engaged. If they ever do get married, I’ll be super-duper happy for them (and would die to see their wedding photos!). But they’ll get married when they’re ready to get married, no matter how much Star wants them too.

In other relationship news, Ashley and Justin looked adorable on a romantic date in Paris. I can’t post the photos here (legal reasons), but check them out here!

Image: Newscom

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