Is Russell Brand Hot?

This is an honest question.  I seriously do not know.  I’ve always been a fan of the funny guy.  Let’s face it, what girl isn’t?  And usually funny guys can get away with not being super good looking.

But Russell Brand?  Not sure yet.  Still very undecided.


He was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and for me, all it takes is one great performance and I’m hooked.  I was the only one of my friends who thought Seth Rogen was hot in Knocked Up.  But today, they’re all in love with him.  Biters.

So, back to Russell.  Sure he was funny in Marshall, but he seems really grimy, doesn’t he?  And not in a hot Julian Casablancas way, but more like a freaky Pete Doherty kind of way.  Yikes!

But, these new pics of Brand have really got me wondering…

Is Russell Brand hot?

More pics after the jump…



Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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    • Christine

      Yes I think Russell is Hot. What about his bodyguard, hot? or not.
      Russell is a chameleon – he changes and sometimes looks good, sometimes not so good. But he’s interesting just the same. Especially at the moment, with Katy.

    • brenda

      Absolutely gorgeous, irresistible! Plus intelligent and talented. (Not grimy at all–just tall, dark and handsome!)

    • brenda

      Tall, dark and unbelievably handsome. Irresistible! (plus intelligence and wit)

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    • Karin

      Yes, he is. I didn’t even have to ponder this question!

    • Melissa

      Yes, there is definitely something about him that makes him super hot. Part of it is that he is actually a very intelligent person and that he is funny as hell. Another part of it is that he is just interesting. Add those to his looks and he is HOT.

    • Nikki

      The man is gorgeous, don’t even have to think about it. He’s funny, intelligent, and looks soooo adorable in blue undies (Arthur). Lots of folk don’t appreciate him but I think Katy’s one lucky lady. And his “award” history says there’s lots of other women out there who feel the same way we do.

    • Meg

      He is the hottest man alive, no question.