ANTM 13.06 “Dance With Me” Photo Shoot

Last night on America’s Next Top Model, the girls did a group shoot with Cirque du Soliel. In a Top Model first, Tyra called the top photo out, as opposed to the top girl.

Here are the photos, in call-out order from the highest girl.

Jennifer, Rae & Brittany

America's Next Top Model

Laura, Ashley & Kara

America's Next Top Model

Sundai, Nicole & Erin

America's Next Top Model

Images: Pottle Productions Inc

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    • wildchild

      Why is her name SuAshley all of a sudden? hmmmm?

    • Frenchelle

      SHe SuAshely Grandigiman.

    • Emi

      What is this about SuAshley? I must be missing something here…
      I can’t get over how gorgeous Laura looks. Stunning x100! It seems like she was the only one who really worked with the theme and background. I think this is one of Nicole’s worst shots. I am so happy sundai is doing really well, I love her! She is working the shot even though she looks like she is water skiing ;)

    • Erin Balser

      I accidently published Ashley’s name as “SuAshley” and didn’t catch it. But it’s fixed now!

    • chantal

      Omgosh laura is stunning rae wow that face brittany it doesn’t even look like her sundai finally some improvement erin she could of done better but its still fierce jennifer doesn’t stand out in this shoot kara resrting on pretty and dna ashley boring nicole is still fierce

    • antm_psychel13

      brittany looks like the model version of susan boyle…ahaha

    • leah

      i actually like sundai, nicole and erin’s photo best. brittany looks like an electrocuted man in a dress and is totally distracting.

      laura definitely stole the show, shame she’s stuck behind ashley.

    • Michael in NC

      (Emi, LOL at Sundai’s water skiing comment…that’s hilarious.)

      I agree with the call out order on this one. With that said, Laura had the best shoot…by a MILE! Jennifer, Rae and Brittney really captured the spirit of Cirque. The other two ensembles are just boring compared to the winners. Rae also looks fierce and even though Britneys’ is’ perfect for this genre.

    • http://deleted dominic

      i thought Brittany looked horrible here. She looks like a dude! I liked Rae’s and Laura’s shot here. They look really fierce! I wish Nicole did better next week.. Jennifer was just horrible.

    • Emi

      I agree about Brittany, this was definetly not one of her better shoots!

      I have a question and I was not sure where to post it….Erin, do you know if there will be any “My Life as a Cover Girl” commercials this cycle?

    • joy

      I liked Sundai, Nicole and Erin’s picture the best as well!!!!

    • mich

      hello?? what about mexico’s next top model? its been two weeks since it started and nothing!

    • Emi

      Erin- correct me if i am wrong, but I think the Mckey and Samantha ones were “Top Models in Action”, not “My Life As a Covergirl”.

    • mich

      Oh ok thanks, by the way Nigel is going to be in a chapter so I hope you can report it :)

    • Erin Balser

      Mich – I don’t speak Spanish, so it’s been really hard to follow. For that reason, I only cover in detail the english language Top Models. I’ll definitely report the winner and any major news, but nothing else. Also, I have a contact at the CW which gives me access to photos. I don’t have that for MNTM.

    • Erin Balser

      Emi -there’s been some – McKey and Samantha from Cycle 8. But nothing regular. I post them when they pop up on Youtube!

    • Erin Balser

      Yes, sorry! That’s what I meant! :) There hasn’t been any My Life as a CoverGirl commercials this year!