Lauren Graham In Talks To Join Cast of “Parenthood”

FP_IMAGE_3126721/FP_SET_3124398After we told you of Alexis Beidel’s upcoming project The Kate Logan Affair, many of you were wondering what Lauren Graham, who played her mother Lorelai Gilmore, was working on. Well, our questions have been answered: Lauren is in talks to join the cast of NBC’s “Parenthood.”

Originally, this role was slated for actress Maura Tierney, but she had to pull out of the project to recover from breast cancer. Her co-stars include Peter Krause and Craig T. Nelson. The show will air in the next few months as a mid-season replacement.

We’ll keep an eye out for an official announcement from NBC on Lauren’s involvement!

[Image: Fame Pictures]

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    • Stacy Pitcher

      I would love the chance to see Lauren Graham in movies or on the stage. But, I just don’t know if I could see her as a reglar on parenthood. I love gilmore girls so much but I want to keep those memories in my heart. I love each of the characters and wish them to the very best in the careers. They all deserve

    • Kici

      I keep my fingers crossed Lauren! I want to finally see again on screen tv …

    • Amy

      This just made my day!!!! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that 1) talks go well and 2) lauren is given a good, solid character that is both quirky and serious!!!! So excited!!!!

    • Mac

      I wanted to watch the show because I love Maura Tierney.
      I’m very sad for Maura about the reasons that made her “quit” but if it means having LG back on the TV screen that’s alright… :-)
      I’m sure the part is good, because MT usually knows how to pick.

    • Jessica King

      Great news about Lauren join Parenthood,but if she will be on TV and I never heard that new show,what about.I love her as my favorite actress.

    • Lynn

      I think Maura Tierney is great and I hope she gets well soon! It would be nice to see Lauren Graham on television again. Hopefully the negotiations go well for her, it’s been far too long since her fans have been able to see her on tv every week!

    • Brittany

      This woulod be awesome. I’ve never been able to see Lauren week to week with like new episodes (i watch GG 7 dayz a week)but they r re-runs and when the show came out i was 5 so i didn’t reallt watch it, my mom did though!!! Hee ya so that would be really great! Good luck to Maura too in everything she does!! <3