Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Family Lunch

On the same day that Tom, Katie and Connor went jogging, the family also went out to lunch at Charley’s Eating & Drinking Saloon on Newbury Street. Suri Cruise, who missed out on the jog, went along for lunch.

Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise, Katie Homes, Connor Cruise

After grabbing a bite to eat, they headed on over to the Nike store to do some shopping.

Tom had a weekend break from filming and spent the time with his family. From what I have read, the family sure gets some stares when they are out and about town in Boston! No word on if Tom’s daughter Isabella Cruise is on the east coast with them, with her mom Nicole Kidman, or somewhere else.

In one of the pictures, it looks like Suri is upset and Tom is consoling her.

More pictures below.

Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise, Katie Homes

Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise, Katie Homes, Connor Cruise

Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise

Image Credit: INF

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    • Kel

      If someone feels good and is happy, not hurting anyone or herself….she is doing nothing wrong and people shouldn’t judge in a negative way. I think she wants to wear what is compfy. I find it kind of funny that people get so wrapped up in talking about what she should and shouldn’t do. Not trying to upset anyone, but some seem to get too involved and bothered by her daily outfits. If we had think what the world thought on a daily basis because people were following us around taking pics, it would make us crazy. You can’t live your life worrying about every piece of clothing you put on and what person in the world has the time to judge it.

    • Trena

      Annie, I agree with you. I love Katie Holmes and the whole Cruise clan, but I can’t stand the way Katie dresses the majority of the time and the thought of her coming out with a clothing line is just plain scary to me. If she expects people to buy her clothing and she wants it to do well then she should represent her “fashion sense” better when she is in the public eye. You can still dress in comfy clothes and look good doing it. She use to do it went her and Tom were just dating. I loved how she dressed back then, but it seems after she had Suri and got married her sense of style went way down hill. Unfortunately, I have seen some pieces from her clothing line that she has worn out and they are pretty terrible. I hope that the rest of her clothing line is better. I just think that if she wants to be taken seriously in the fashion world that she needs to present herself better in public instead of looking like a cheap mismatched mess. That’s just my opinion. Love the family, though!

    • kate

      I think what you wear should be up to you and not judged by others. What looks good is an opinion. I do not agree with all the opinions on what looks good. Type this in your search June 14, 2009 Beyonce Shopping in London. It was InStyle’s Look of the day. My opinion, yuck.
      I am not saying I love what Katie is wearing but I do not care because I am not wearing it. If she wants to wear it that is up to her. I think is great she seems to not be putting a lot of thought into what she is wearing.
      I wish every women did not care about what they are wearing and what others are wearing.

    • Charlotte Rose

      think what you wear should be up to you and not judged by others. What looks good is an opinion.

      Of course it’s up to the wearer and of course these are opinions!! That’s all we have is our opinions. LOL! You’re here giving an opinion too. So what’s the deal? Should we just give favorable opinions and not be honest? Of course not!

      Katie chose to be in the public eye and with that comes a certain amount of judgement. It’s part of the territory. She wouldn’t be famous without it. If no one was interested, she’d just be another face in the crowd. Secondly, Katie is now a clothing designer. With that comes the expectation of a certain amount of style which Katie is not showing most times. If she wants to be taken seriously as a designer, she needs to up her game IMHO.

    • Mary

      I think celebrities as a whole are under far too much pressure to be “perfect” all the time even when doing everyday, mundane things. There has to be room for dressing down and not getting it “right” every single time no matter how much you’re photographed.
      It seems to me that in her downtime Katie does not buy into that being “on” 24/7 anymore…………Maybe at one point she did. Now, no more.
      Save the glam and smoke and mirrors for the red carpet, photshoots, etc.

      With the Holmes&Yang collection: Vogue gave it a great write up in their September issue……….We’ll see.
      I thought this was funny since we’re talking about Katie’s fashion choices:

      In the November issue of Elle:

      “He (Tom) usually likes everything, but sometimes I’ll walk out and he’ll say, ‘I think that dress might be wearing you. You don’t need that,’” she says.

    • jenna

      Trena and Annie…I could have not said it any better..GREAT comments and spot on!! :)