New photo of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the twins!

jolie-pitt-photo-linkAfter their visit with Iraqi refugees in Syria, it was time for some relaxation and someone was lucky enough to grab a photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with Knox and Vivienne! The four of them were in Amman, Jordan and they stopped to get some ice cream.

The kids looked content and both Brad and Angelina looked like they were bursting with happiness. Their mood was so genuine in the photo, it’s wonderful. I wish I could share it here but without permission from the photo taker I can’t do that. However you can go and see it right here. Just try not to get your blood pressure up from the negative comments that you know will be over there – take a look and then come back and discuss here!

Can you believe how much of Shiloh you can see in the twins? Wow!

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    • Rita

      Popsugar has some more pics….sorry if this has already been posted:

    • Kati

      evelyn pendon – I totally agree with you. I, too, would love to see a new pic of the whole JP family together. And maybe our wish will be granted soon. Although it will be a big effort to go out with all six children at the same time it´ll be worth waiting for. I´d love to see Shi holding her little brother and sister´s hands while they walk beside Shi. That would a cute sight!

    • Jacqueline

      Talk about our dreams-come-true !!!! Isn’t it FANTASTIC to see the twins again: YIPPEEEEE . . . . they’re bonny and beautiful. And, what a bonus that each is in the arms of our favourite parents!! A double bounty indeed.
      I’m so agreeable to whatever Angie & Brad do that whereas before I was never too happy to see a baby with pierced ears, I am now rethinking even this opinion . . . . . maybe the twins were so identical during the first few weeks or months that this was done so that the other children could differentiate between them !! a crazy idea of mine :))

    • Kati

      Jacqueline – I agree with you. When I first saw the twins´ first pic back in late July last year they really looked identical to me too. Maybe Viv really got her ears pierced so that the older ones could differentiate them. So that is not a crazy idea of yours. I had thought of that same thing for a long time. They look a lot alike even now but those earrings make the identification easier. Knox will be a handsome young man and Viv will be a stunner just like her mum and big sisters. It doesn´t matter that Zahara isn´t her biological big sis. To Viv and Shi she´ll always be their dear big sis no matter how she came to the family. And the same goes for Maddox and Pax. Those two will always be their big brothers. I´m certain that those six siblings love each other unconditionally and will always stay close. God bless the Jolie-Pitt family always!

    • kellie
    • Kati

      Sherry – would you or some other Pittwatcher be so kind and post a pic of Shi and Viv at the age. I would really love to see how much those sisters resembled each other at that age. It´s obvious that although Shi is now already 3 years old the resemblence between the sisters is uncanny. Could someone also be so kind and to post a pic that I saw at x17 where Shi has her blankie and a bag of chips in her mouth. That pic is just hilarious!Thanks in advance!

    • Kati

      Oops! Meant to say that a pic of Shi and Viv at the age of 14 months.

    • joliepittfanatic
    • joliepittfanatic

      Oops! Disregard that link I just gave, as I just deleted that comparassion photo and made a better one. Here’s the link to the new one:

      The picture of Shi is actually from when she was a month or two older than Viv is now, but I felt it’s the one that shows the similarity the best. :)

    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – thanks for that pic of Shi and Viv! It really shows how much they look alike. It doesn´t matter that Shi is two months older in that pic (16 months) than Viv is now. They both have these really beautiful big blue eyes and that famous mouth of their beautiful mum. And both also have this adorable curious look in these pics. This pic really made my day!

    • merve

      Well , we can see their point of view for life I adore them.

      They were hiding twins in America but look how happy and confident about taking them out in there.So greatto see something like this.
      Americans still think that they bombed them in 11/9 but have no Idea that their government did this to its own people.
      Jolie and Pitt knows for sure :)