Chris Rock and Solange Knowles Talk About Hair with Oprah

Yesterday, Chris Rock and Solange Knowles made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show where they discussed something that truly does tie so many women down: hair. As a country, I’d hate to see how much time and money we put towards our hair every year.

Chris has actually made a whole documentary about it called Good Hair. In the documentary, he shows just how crazy women, black women in particular (myself included), can get about their hair.  When he came on the show to talk about with Oprah, he couldn’t believe that her hair was indeed her real hair, and not a weave. He even ran his all through it!

Oprah’s a brave woman, because there is no way I’d let anybody do that to me! His interview was actually pretty great. Solange was also on the show and spoke about why she shaved her head. She said that she’d wanted to feel “liberated” from it. She also revealed that she spends about $40-50,000 on hair!

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