Britney Spears shops at Target again and buys a pet parakeet

For the second time in two days, Britney Spears was spotted shopping at Target. The previous day she had picked up some music for herself.


You know, a lot of people make fun of the fact that Britney shops at Target but I actually kind of like it. She’s a massively famous celebrity with more money than I can ever imagine having in my bank account, but she sticks to a regular store instead of insisting on shopping at upscale stores that nobody else can afford.


Britney wore super-short denim hotpants, a flowery blouse barely buttoned and tied above the waist, and a pair of pink Uggs (or Ugg-style at least). Clearly Brit’s comfortable with her body lately – good for her (even though I’m not an Ugg fan at all)!


During her shopping trip she also purchased a pet parakeet and a cage for it. I wonder if Sean or Jayden wanted a bird or if it was just something that she wanted for herself.

Images: Splash News Online

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