Greg Vaughn is OUT, Jonathan Jackson Is BACK

There are so many things, or should I say shake ups in the daytime soap world this week I think my head is about spin. Let’s start with Greg Vaughn’s exit from General Hospital.

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Rumors came out a few months ago that Lucky Spencer is going to be put on a recurring character which was squashed right away by portrayer Greg Vaughn. Little did he know something else was going on elsewhere. In Greg’s twitter, he confirmed that GH has decided to take the Lucky character into a different direction. Jonathan Jackson, the original actor who played the character in 1993. It’s been 10 years since Jonathan left the role which has also been portrayed by Jacob Young (JR, /all My Children) until Greg took over in 2003. I’m really sad about this. Greg Vaughn has done a really great job wiht the role. His highlight was the drug storyline which she should have been recognized fro by the Daytime Emmy’s but oh well.

My love goes to Greg Vaughn and his family. I hope to see him soon on TV again. I loved him in Charmed and I loved him as Lucky Spencer in General Hospital so I know he’ll be alright and he’ll definitely make it out there.


Jonathan Jackson has won awards (3 times) for portraying Lucky Spencer and he is a brilliant actor but he has been gone for so long so it’s kind of a bittersweet for me. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to. Jonathan starts taping tomorrow, October 1st and will air on October 27th. It’s going to be interesting to see him back spar with Tony Geary again. As well as Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher that’s for sure. Maybe with him back, Lucky would finally reunite with his childhood sweetheart “Emily” thru Rebecca, while Liz hooks up with her “dream” Prince Nikolas.

Maybe now the writers will give Lucky his backbone back. He became such a wimp after the drug storyline, somehow. Well, we shall see.

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    • Pidge

      I think it was a rotten thing to do to GV. He was fine as Lucky. You’re right, Lucky has no balls, but that’s not GV’s fault. It’s the cruddy writing. While JJ is a good actor, I don’t think he’ll be believable as an adult Lucky and in scenes where he’s supposed to be the oldest character, he won’t look like it. I predict backfire.

    • Michele Jalbert

      I am absolutely furious about you getting rid of Greg Vaughan for Jonathan Jackson?!?!?! WHAT???? Are you kidding me??? He still looks 12 years old! How is HE going to step into the shoes of Greg Vaughn? This is why Jonathan has always played parts in movies portraying the man/child character. Never a leading romantic role, he doesn’t have the stuff and everyone knows it.

      So what if Jonathan created the role of a Lucky Spencer? He portrayed him as a child…child being the KEY word here! Then we had Jacob Young, OK, he was alright but still seem to portray Lucky as a very very young man. Now we have Greg in the part and HE plays Lucky as the man he should be. GH had FINALLY hit the nail on the head with Greg!

      I am sick about this and I will never watch GH again if that “man child” is going to be playing Lucky Spencer. It is laughable thinking of him being romantic with the women on the show. He looks younger the LuLu! Ha ha ha ha ha! That is such a joke!

      I will keep watching AMC and OLTL but I will change the channel when GH comes on. Sick of the way things are being done on that show and how wrong they treat the people that have been good actors and brought viewers to the show. Now you are going to lose viewers, mark my words!

    • rainbow9

      I am glad JJ is back. Don’t forget, JJ was the one who created the Lucky character. He embodied the soul of the character and that is why so many fans are happy he is back. If you review GV’s acting to JJ’s acting in the portrayal of Lucky, you will definitely see a big difference. JJ is more mature than he looks and he can express so many emotions by his eyes and his gestures. JJ plays Lucky as a 4-dimensional character, so you will definitely see his maturity, quick wit, humor, and his raw talent. That’s why so many people are hooked on the “original” Lucky getting back with his sweetheart Liz. Don’t underestimate JJ because you will get blown away. Once he left the show, it was never the same. Lucky’s character became weak, soulless, and boring. That freshness JJ brought to Lucky was amiss. Now, JJ will reprise the Lucky role and bring that romantic innocence, humor, maturity, and quick wit back. Thank God!

    • rainbow9

      Also, no offense to GV as a person. But, it is an actor’s job to be able to take a character, apply the story, and create something from it. If you can’t take that from a 2-dimensional piece to a 3-dimensional piece, the story will be dry and the character will be weak.

    • renee

      I am very sad to see Greg Vaughn replaced by Jackson. Greg is a more realistic actor. Jackson looks like a teeneager and will never be able to pull off what Greg has brought to the show. BIG MISTAKE letting Greg go!!!

    • Cathy C.

      Greg Vaughn was a GREAT Lucky Spencer. I think it is a huge mistake bringing back Jonathan Jackson. He just doesn’t “Fit the Part” anymore. He is almost as bad as that “Gal” you had playing Carlie for a SHORT time. I think you will have a huge loss of interest with JJ on board. Elisabeth has slept with almost every guy around GH so why continue to play her as “poor little Liz?” Whoever is coming up with the material for Lucky and Liz need to come up with a better story line.

    • Margaret Whitus

      JJ will not fit as Lucky on GH now. Fans are used to seeing GV as the adult Lucky. What a shame the “powers that be” made this change. I for a long time GH fan am very unhappy.

    • Donna McCusker

      I can’t see the old/new Lucky Spencer as a cop. They should have kept Greg Vaughn. I guess in a few years they will bring back the kid Michael and replace the new one. G.H Loyalty? To what?

    • Stephanie Markham

      Let’s face it Greg Vaughn is hot, Jonathan Jackson is not!
      I think Greg was treated badly by ABC, to me he was the real Lucky.

    • Kayla Newton

      This is lame. I want Greg back!

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    • KAREN


    • Dee

      I love that Jonathan is back! He is the ONLY actor that ever truly understood Lucky Spencer and what made the character tick. Jon IS Lucky. GV might as well have been playing an entirely new character because he was NOT Lucky Spencer. Jon has slipped back into this role like an old and well worn pair of jeans. It’s like he never left. He hasn’t missed a beat and he’s a chemistry magnet.

      So let’s see here… We have an actor who GETS the character, who has the phenomenal talent to bring that character to life AND able to generate amazing chemistry with his co-stars in order to do so. Explain to me again why GV was the better Lucky. He was Lucky in name ONLY.

      Jonathan has Lucky’s heart, spirit and soul. The character is alive, interesting and dynamic again in his hands. Welcome back, Jonathan. You have certainly been missed.

    • melissa babygirl

      g.v . as lucky yawn hiss boo gross lucky has OK i’m a Jonathan Jackson fan he’s 28 yrs old he’s the original lucky Spencer when he’s says bye to general hospital
      so do i .i have a lucky tattoo i just got its because of jj and i’m proud of it .i’m 34 ive a fan 4 16 yrs AND NOBODY CAN STEP INTO JONATHAN’S SHOES AS LUCKY .I SAY DONT MESS WITH ORIGINALITY

    • Chrissy

      JJ made Lucky GREAT and is one of the most talented actors I have seen on daytime. GV was a good actor who should have been playing another role. I personally believe that ten years ago when JJ left the show they should have never tried to replace lucky. They should have left it hanging. It would have been sweet to see JJ walk right back into the role without any damage to the character. With all the damage JJ has done a remarkable job and has chemistry with everyone. I believe JJ can bring Lucky back to life. He has been greatly missed for a long while.