• Tue, Sep 29 2009

Jeff Lewis Confronts Ryan Brown On Tonight’s Flipping Out

On last week’s Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis discovered that his business partner and ex-boyfriend Ryan Brown had bought misleading Google Ads using Jeff’s name and created a website that made it appear that by calling Brown Design, you’d also be reaching Jeff Lewis.

Tonight, Jeff reads a magazine article featuring Jeff and the one house they were never able to flip, Valley Oak, where Jeff is currently living. Ryan was profiled in the piece and didn’t mention Jeff’s involvement in the house’s transformation. Jeff is not happy and decides to finally confront and perhaps cut all ties with his business partner.

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  • Michael C

    Here’s hoping the previews aren’t misleading and that poor Ryan is finally doing to flush the psychotic piece of trash known as Jeff Lewis out of his life. I wonder if Jeff will figure out that eventually everyone tires of him and off they go.

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  • Debbie P.

    I do not agree with your opinion, Michael C., of Jeff Lewis. I am a big
    fan of his. He is a perfectionist and he does succeed at doing what he does
    very well. I think that Ryan is disloyal and is trying to pull a fast one on
    the person who “made” him. I also do not like the way Zoila treated Jeff
    when he was ill from bacon that she kept well beyond its safe use. Both she
    and Jeff’s assistant have a lot of snide comments to make about him, as they
    collect the paychecks and spend time in his beautiful surroundings. He is the
    one with the talent and money, the others are satellites around him, so
    keep the focus where it belongs!

    He is not perfect by a long shot, but he is talented and he is honest and
    very hard working. Those around him are not proving to be as honest as he!

  • Becky

    Michael – are you Vlad, Ryan, Chris or any of the others who have done sub-par work or stolen from/for Jeff? Give over….

    Not going to watch and will read the recap. This is way too painful and looks like a marriage breaking up. Neither is all right or all wrong but because no one wants to talk it out, a friendship will be destroyed. Sad.

  • Michael

    Nah, I wouldn’t be able to work for, near, or around a disgusting creature as Jeff. I live on the East Coast, far away (thankfully) from that creature.

    Jeff may be good at what he does (the result), but that doesn’t excuse what an ignorant, nasty, rude scumbag he is. If wanted to keep that to himself, he should have stayed off television. He is *not* honest and the only hard work he puts in is taking out his mental illness on those around him.

    Hey, you guys keep cheerleading for lil’ Jeff and maybe when the people currently being abused by him leave, you can get a job being his boot lickers.

    Too funny.

  • KW

    For a guy who hate Jeff Lewis so much you seem to watch the episodes very closely. Personally I really like Jeff. Hope he get more business than Ryan.

  • aj

    Ryan: wake up! do not let Jeff anyway near your child: he is not to be trusted with a young tender mind. He is demeaning an corrosive, has no idea that kids are literal and do not understand irony,subilties. He should not be anyway near her if you are serious about raising a child. This is the foundation of her life, and believe it, more important than transitory decorating. Think of the disgusting wasted rich kids in Hollywood, druggies, aliented from society and their parents. Examples of Drew Barrymore taken to nightclubs as a child, all those druggy kids they think we are not aware of. Think of values, kids need to go to a park and meet other kids on the swing/slide not “go to lunch”. You would not have a bad influence on a dog, why chance it with your kid?

  • kat

    Wow aj-it’s not like he took her to a strip club. Sounds like you are trying to blame him for all the bad kids in Hollywood. You also kinda sound like seana. And if he took her to a park or someplace you prefer, you would find some kind of fault with that also. Especially if she got hurt on a swing or slide. Or punched the face by another kid. Some how it would Jeffs fault. Get over yourself. Go work at a food shelf and be productive.

  • Beauregard

    Jeff is an awful person. There’s a reason that his only “friends” are people he has to pay to be around him.

  • kat

    Please fill us in on the reason. Dont leave us hanging.

  • Christian Y

    Is it just me or are all of the posts supporting Jeff written by women and the ones supporting Ryan written by men? lol. For my part, I’m a guy that thinks Jeff is giving Ryan a bum rap. He certainly has a right to be suspicious, but with no proof, it’s unfair to demand that Ryan admit to something he denies. I mean, if Ryan gets caught in a lie, then so be it, but just because you like someone doesn’t mean they aren’t mistaken (and that can go either way). Jeff has already severed their business relationship because of his suspicions (as he should – now he doesn’t have to worry about Ryan “stealing business” from him) but it doesn’t have to be the end of their personal relationship if Ryan is really that important to him. It will take time, but you put love and family above money.

  • esp

    Having owned my own business, knowing web design, marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO); there is no way Ryan “didn’t know” what he was doing. Ryan is smart guy, went to college and studied neuroscience and wouldn’t do things on a whim. He also admitted taking one client, but told him “you didnt return her call”; which seems like a preemptive move on Ryan’s part. He also threw the money he was making in Jeff’s face and bragged about the A-list clientele; if that wasn’t enough he said “It (Doing the website) was smart business”. You could tell Jeff didn’t want to unload a lot of the details in the interview; such as current clients telling him they called Brown Design and got the run around. Anyone who owns a business knows the importance of search rank and it should not come as a surprise that Jeff is seeing more business since his official site comes up at the top of a search now, along with the old flippingout.com web site owned by Ryan being mysteriously defunct. The old website was registered/owned by Ryan Brown (easily verified) is now down; probably courtesy of a Bravo Cease & Desist letter. Most companies don’t like others using their copyrighted brands to make a profit via printed/internet material.

  • Sandy

    I watch the show, I don’t like Jeff but I do like Jeff. He is very cruel to people but they allow him to be that way I think, me I would be gone in five minutes.
    I think Jeff should have said something a long time ago to Ryan. I think his father really influenced him because of Ryan’s site.
    Ryna should have said something about the site, also why wasn’t Jeff’s name mentioned in the magazine article? I like Ryan but not sure why he did things without saying anything to his good friend. He has every right to branch out on his own. And Jeff should accept that and he didn’t lie to him about anything. Make up guys, it isn’t worth it to end your friendship!

  • Tre

    Sponsoring links with Jeff’s name is in no way illegal or sneaky. It’s the reality of marketing in todays internet driven society. The only way Ryan might have done anything wrong is if he blatently implied Jeff was, or would be a part of any project accepted by Brown Design. I don’t believe he did so, and he can’t be held accountable for peoples ignorance to assume Jeff is associated with every company listed from googling Jeff’s name. I like them both for different reasons, Jeff seems like a great guy but there’s clearly some personal reasons underlying the breakup here. Jeff should stop crying, build his business to be twice as lucrative as Ryans, then take Ryan and his family out to dinner to celebrate everyone’s success. It’s really been blown out of proportion. The calumny of Ryans character is potentially far more of a loss than the fee collected by the one or two clients Jeff claims to have had “stolen” by Ryan.

  • Ethel Mertz

    Jeff needs to grow up. He accused Ryan of “stealing” his business but he says he only has suspicions. When Ryan tries to explain, Jeff talks over him, talks down to him and throws he words back to him sarcastically. Jeff needs some big time therapy and find out what it is that he is really mad about. Could it be that Ryan is happy with his life partner and has a darling baby girl, things that Jeff would like for himself? He also seems to have a nice relationship with his family as well as his staff without resorting to “humor” like having them wear ridiculous outfits, write letters of apology to be put in their files and monitoring their bathroom use. This is professional? I wish Ryan well with his deisgn business and with his family. Perhaps little Chloe doesn’t need “Uncle Jeff” teaching her to ask for chardonnay and all the other little “humorous” things he teaches her. This was the last hour of my life I’ll waste watching this show. Run Jenni Run

  • jomojo

    So many people seem to want to take sides as if the issue were simply black and white. I for one don’t know any of the facts…just the mutual accusations. For Jeff, it doesn’t seem to me to be about money or business strategy or even ‘stolen business’, it is about TRUST. Jeff, by his own admission, has difficulty trusting. Ryan was one of the few people he let in and I can really appreciate how this loss of trust is devastating for him (regardless of whether the loss of trust is justified). I have nothing but compassion for how he’s feeling.

    What I hear him saying is that in order to trust again he needs to understand what Ryan was thinking when he set up the Google ads, or gave an interview to a magazine and didn’t tip his hat to Jeff, or used “flippingout.com” to direct people to his own website. That seems like a valid need to me…to understand…(though he has to be open to what Ryan has to say!).

    I do get why it is difficult for Jeff to trust Ryan at this point, I have my own reservations. That doesn’t mean that I think Ryan is “wrong” necessarily, just that some of his alleged behavior is confusing. I would like to hear Ryan respond directly about the Google ads, the magazine article and the flippingout.com website. All I’ve heard him say is that he has not “stolen any clients” and that he has ‘done nothing wrong’. These are vague denials and the second one is wide open to interpretation and impossible to ground with objective fact. It just serves to escalate instead of clarify. If you are interested in restoring your good name, Ryan, I would start by taking each of the accusations and discussing them directly and openly. What were your assumptions? Understandings? What specific actions did or didn’t you take as a result? What was your purpose? I think your willingness to be more frank about the key issues could help to resolve this conflict more quickly and cleanly.

    Jeff, for your part, you are going to have to be willing to suspend judgment (very difficult when you have trust issues but this is your best friend dude!)and really be open to what Ryan has to say.

    I think these two need to 1). Come to an agreement about the facts of what has happened. 2). Stick to the circumstances of this particular situation and don’t drag in evidence of wrongdoing in other areas. 3). Lay down the role of victim…both of you! 4). Make an honest effort to view the circumstances from the other’s perspective. 3). Let it go and move on.

  • Don Lakeside

    If anyone watched the final interview, one could easily see and hear the rehearsed performance of Ryan Brown. Say what you want about Jeff, at least what you see is what you get. Ryan has practiced his New Age responses and attitudes to the point that they scream FAKE! If gay men can’t see it, I’m not surprised, given the superficial nature of just about every gay man I’ve ever dated.

  • Barbara Reed

    I agree with Sandy i n OCT to the hilt!!! And Andy C. was also right in his expressions and the way he looked when they argued their replies.

  • pavlova999

    I think Ryan is lucky that Jeff did not hire an attorney. He used his name without his permission and linked it to his own website. How much proof do you need? Get real. I think he was using the friendship and business partnership to further his own interests and life and if he was so upset as he said, why was he watching every episode and inviting Jeff to his child’s birthday party? He was getting free publicity to boot. Jeff clearly is a complicated person, more on that later…but I agree, he is straightfoward and pretty out there on the level with his thoughts, plus he is very talented. It is sad, but i say good riddens to Ryan unless he apologizes, even then, trust has been destroyed. Fame and money do things to people. Ryan even looks different, what is up with the hair?
    and Jeff, if you are reading fire Vlad already , he’s such a loser….

  • Lou Brew

    I respect that at least Jeff says what he feels, is honest and dosen’t hold back, I do feel like Ryan is trying to cover up a mistake instead of just owning up and apologising

  • jensen

    just watching this series online and my observence of jeff is that he is actually a sensitive soft touch..the exterior, control issues etc, are not who he really is. i worked for a man who behaved like jeff and agree it is hard to take but i do believe that deep down he is a really good guy and a highly ethical guy.

    Ryan on the other hand is a morally bankrupt sneak. this boy has no ethics and regardless of marketing legality, he did serve his own selfishness with no regard for friendship or what in a higher form of expression would be called “doing the right thing” all criminals do not carry a gun…many of them smile to your face, wear nice clothes, sound articulate etc…makes no difference, a lowlife is still a low life no matter how you dress it up…as a matter of fact, i think they are worse because everything about them is a lie…they are the bernie madoffs of this world and for me are far more despicable because they pretend to be something else…

    in the end, ryan will reap what he sows.

  • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

    Hey everyone, I wont be around tomorrow during the day to post the usual recap, so please use this thread to discuss last night’s episode :)