Newest Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate fired for dropping the F-bomb on LIVE TV

Well, maybe. At least, she probably will be – and she was notoriously absent from the SNL cast party Saturday night.

Newest cast member Jenny Slate kinda sorta accidentally dropped the F-bomb on live TV in a biker chick skit with Kristen Wiig. Apparently she got a little too much into character and said “f**kin” instead of “freakin”. Here’s the video below:

Since the faux pas occured after 12:40 AM, the FCC will likely not fine NBC, but it still remains to be seen if Jenny Slate will keep her coveted spot on the SNL crew.

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    • Chrystal

      I might start watching SNL.

    • Sean C.

      Give the girl a break. It wasn’t like she randomly threw in an F-bomb during any skit for no apparent reason- the whole point of the skit was that she was supposed to be saying “f&%king” but it was hidden under the guise of “freakin’”. And she had to say it over and over again. She was destined to make a mistake. It’s a good thing that the line wasn’t “cuffed punts.” She had the first-time jitters anyway. It was an honest, unintended mistake.