Hiding Ellen Pompeo’s Baby Bump Throughout Filming

So everyone was wondering how they were going to hide Ellen’s baby bump during the filming of this season of Grey’s. Were they going to include it in the storyline? How were they going to hide it? Will Meredith disappear for a bit on the show? So far none of the above. They managed to hide Ellen’s bump throughout the entire 2 hour premier!


To be honest, I completely forgot that she was pregnant while I was watching! I was so into the show for every other reason that I forgot to notice that they were hiding it! My cousin had to bring it up the day after. “Did you notice that they always showed Meredith from the back, or only from the neck up, or sitting down?” Once she mentioned that, I knew that she was right. Obviously they did a good job of it though since I didn’t notice! So they got through the first premier, but will they get through the rest of the episodes that easily?

She looks about 5 – 6 months pregnant so I’m guessing her due date is somewhere at the end of the year, or very early Jan! Just realized that I’m behind on the news! Ellen actually had her baby September 15th!

The filming for Season 6 all took place earlier in July, so it will be interesting to see how the episodes from here on in take place! Thanks Sandra for pointing that out :)

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    • Sandra

      Ellen already got her baby, on September 15th. So if they were filming the SP in the middle of July, she was about seven months pregnant, I guess.

      I think they did a good job of hiding her bump. Only at the funeral scene, I noticed how they were filming her (standing up, from behind or from the neck and up). All other scenes, I didn’t think of it at all.

    • Franca Schulte

      Thanks for pointing that out Sandra. I had no idea! Shows how behind on the news I am. That news definitely did happen quietly though.I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. I corrected myself in the post :)

    • http://www.twitter.com/AnnasMom07 AnnasMom07

      I also noticed that when characters Meredith and Izzy were sitting on a bench outside the hospital, talking about the girl George saved, they focused on the girl in the long shot, making Meredith and Izzy blurry. This also served to disguise Ellen’s belly.

    • Hannah

      WOW! I did not know that either! Don’t worry I’m behind too apparently…lol!

      Congratulations to Ellen, though! Even if it is a bit late….

    • onholiday61

      well actually in the scene were the chief is standing giving the news of the merge you could see her kinda hiding behind behind “derek” and you could totally tell!!

    • http://nope PeterPancake

      I realised that you havent been writing as many things to the blog recently than before. Every time i came here you had written something new but now. Why is that?

    • lindsay

      in the 2nd ep of season 6 when they were playing bball at the very end you could totally tell. When Chrisitna went to hug her then they zoomed out at the very end and she was in 1/2 the shot it was obvious. But they did very good hiding it. you really needed to be lookig to see it.

    • BellyLady

      On episode three of the new season, there’s actually two “slip ups” where you cans see the round belly.

    • http://www.myspace.com/taylor_tymills Dr. Ty Wadaadisi

      Gee, I didn’t even know she was pregnant. They did an excellent job. When I am watching the show I am not looking for hints of their personal lives. The story lines have been excellent and I have been caught up in them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bob.hiser.9 Bob Hiser

      Look at that belly button, looks like she is about to explode :-0