Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber Promote Medium on the Local News

CBS is apparently not messing around. Despite the dearth of new footage in their promos, they are serious about promoting Medium‘s new season. While Patricia Arquette has been going solo on most TV appearances, like The Emmys, Ellen, and The Late Late Show, the network sent both her and Jake Weber on the satellite rounds for local news stations.

One of these stations, WPRI-12, a FOX affiliate in Rhode Island, posted their interview with the duo on The Rhode Show. You can tell how tired they are– they probably did a hundred of these interviews, just one right after another. 3 minutes over and over again, with mainly the same questions being asked. What’s also funny, is how much Weber’s British accent is starting to fade away– he just sounds like a slightly fancier version of Joe DuBois.

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    • Linda

      I’ve seen a couple of these interviews floating about. The best one was where they joked that they were interviewing themselves.

      I think there’s only like fifteen or so tv regions over here.

      And Jake never sounds English to me as a general rule, maybe the occasional word, but when I first started watching the show I had no idea he was from here originally.

    • Amy

      This is the first I saw of this intervieew or any of them together.

      So glad Medium did well in the ratings.

      Did anyone else check out the comments on the CBS medium fan site? It seems we are not the only ones unhappy with the Joe job dituation.

    • Gina

      I missed this too. but I really don’t watch tv on weekends.

      I did not see the fan site at CBS yet but I will check it out.

    • Gina

      I looked at the fan site. They are pretty vocal fans.

    • Dawn

      I saw a couple of these, but not the one Linda was referring to. I love that CBS is promoting the show so much. Let’s just hope it pays off with a few more seasons.

      But I have to say I disagree about Joe’s job situation. I think it adds more realism to the show and reflects the current climate in America. I love that they’re not afraid to shy away from that. I don’t want to see them focus entirely on that aspect of the show, but I don’t think they should just gloss it over either. It gives the family dynamic much more heart and soul, because you realize that they’re just like all of us in these current times, albeit they’re on television.

    • kelly

      Thanks for bringing us the interview.

      As far as Joes job I understand that they should talk about it as any huband and wife talk to each other about work. The problem is Medium is going way far more into it than that. It has become a secondary storyline that just doesn’t hold my interest.

    • Betty

      Thanks for showing that Kona! Not being home and watching the local news, I didn’t see any of these, but I’m sure they ran. I’m just not a news junkie either.

    • Linda

      Dawn, I added the link in my name since I’m not sure if you can add links to comments. I would imagine it came to my attention in a news feed from somewhere.

      I’m happy someone else doesn’t mind Joe’s job situation either, although I do hope that Joe gets a job in green technology and keeps it.

    • karen

      Thanks I didn’t see it yet been a busy weekend.

      I think it would be weird if they never spoke about Joes Job since he is the husband. It is not necessary to show him at the job site or doing interviews or talking about it outside of the home without Allison. It is not too entertaining to watch him deal woth work besides discussing it with Al.

    • Kieran

      Thanks for letting us know about these. CBS really went far to make sure that Medium was well promoted.

      I think Patricia could do her own little bit of reading the future when it comes to the questions she will be asked in interviews about the show :)

    • nansee

      Thanks for the interview. Didn’t someone once call Jake Weber’s accent “transatlantic” b/c he’s lived various places? I’d agree with that. I hope the two of them get to take a break from all the interviewing, although I’m all for it if it brings more attention and viewers to the show!

    • Lina

      I didn’t even know he was from england since a couple of months ago… I don’t hear anything that sounds like an british accent. Would be fun if Sofia and Maria had more interviews then Patricia and Jake. Would be fun to hear what they have to say bout the new season.

      And i’m happy bout the ratings!

    • Brenna

      Dawn, I completely agree with you on the show’s handling of Joe’s employment situation. I think indeed adds realism to the show and should be covered. I don’t think the show has gone overboard at all. After all, I get to see more of Jake Weber. Not a bad thing in my books. :-)