Mackenzie Phillips’ Shocking Revelations

[Photo: Zuma Press]

Former child star Mackenzie Phillips was a guest on TODAY, where she told some of the things revealed in her autobiography High on Arrival. She told of an ongoing incestuous relationship with her father, singer John Phillips of the 60s group the Mamas and the Papas and of her struggle with drug addiction.


The reason this is so important to VH1 viewers is that Mackenzie is one of the celebrities that we’ll follow in her stay in the Pasadena Recovery Center on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab.

I have to wonder if writing the book was any part of her treatment time with Dr. Drew Pinsky. It seems like it would be a big first step in healing some of those old wounds that caused her addiction in the first place. I look forward to seeing her successfully complete her rehab.

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    • Nina Calvin

      I myself can relate to McKenzie Phillips, as we are close in age, and I too am an opiate addict. We have other things in common too. As much as I like Ms. Phillips, and as much as I know how inportant it is to process in therapy, it made me uncomfortable to listen to her talk about her father and their incestious relationship. I feel this was because the man is not here to tell his side of the story. I always felt like there was something ususal about their father and daughter relationship. It didn’t really come to me as a surprize that there had been incest involved. I just wish her Dad was here to hear from him. Its not that I don’t believe her, its just that is a very very big allegation that she made against someone that is dead. Why couldn’t of she processed this information in private sessions with her therapist? Could it have been because it would of sold BIG TIME!