Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton at the Global Initiative

Both Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton were on hand at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York to discuss the current status of New Orleans compared to when it was first hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Brad Pitt

Brad was happy to update everyone on the progress being made by Make It Right and the homes that they are building. According to Brad the average utility bill for electricity for a Make It Right home is a shockingly low $35 per month. That’s amazing!

Meanwhile, Brad also pointed out that the cost of building the eco-friendly homes is dropping as well. Apparently the cost will be pretty much equal to that of a standard building by the time they’re done with the 150 promised homes.

Bill Clinton,Brad Pitt

In order to drive home the need for more eco-friendly homes and how attainable they are, Brad said, “We can no longer tell ourselves that implementing this technology is too complex a problem because it’s just been proven on this little spot on the map.”

I’m so proud of Brad and his work in New Orleans!

More photos of Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton at the Global Initiative below the cut.

This picture of Bill Clinton makes me laugh because it looks like he’s thinking, “what was wrong with the government that it took a celebrity to fix New Orleans after Katrina?!”

Clinton Pitt4104.JPG

And meanwhile this picture of Brad Pitt… Well. “Rowr” comes to mind.

Brad Pitt4083.JPG

Nothing like a man who is both hot AND committed to making the world a better place!

Images: Newscom

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    • Nora

      I think that brad is a very nobel man for showing so much devotion and dedication to his country like any other person would.
      but its a shame that he is not running for presidency.

    • stratoula

      Brad is doing a grat job in NO and he truly deserves his award!\Thanks for the pics Sherry!!!