Patricia Arquette’s Emmy Dress Puts Her on the Worst-Dressed List

20090920_zaf_l86_599.jpgBased on the photos I posted of Patricia Arquette on Emmy night, it seems as though many of you had the same impression of the dress that I did: It was lovely, but it just needed to be let out a little bit, because… getting… hard… to… breathe.

This did not go unnoticed by the media, as Arquette has ended up on several Worst-Dressed lists. None, however, have been as funny as Go Fug Yourself.

I’ve been a fan of Go Fug Yourself for quite a while, and their imagined conversation between Arquette and her husband Thomas Jane on the red carpet basically sums up why I love them.

An excerpt:

Patricia Arquette: I maybe should have gone up a size on my bodice.

Thomas Jane: What are you talking about it? I LOVE IT. Your cups OVERFLOWETH.

PATRICIA: Yeah. I know. It’s totally uncomfortable. My nipple is seriously about to make a run for it and I haven’t taken a full breath since 11 a.m.


PATRICIA: So I might PASS OUT, buddy. This top is literally cutting into me.


Seriously. Go read the rest: it’s amazing.

Thomas Jane and Patricia Arquette/Image: Zuma Press

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    • Karen

      I just read the rest of it from the link you gave. Very cute.

      What is with the velvet suit on a summer day?

      I agree the dress was lovely but should have been fitted better up top. How uncomfortable that dress must have been!! I heard that CBS was trying to go more sexy this year to attract a younger audience. Jennifers dress was a little tight on top too but didn’t have the spillage Patricia’s had.

    • Linda

      Very funny. I clicked her tag at that site, quite a few interesting outfit choices there.

      It’s definitely got people talking, even if for the wrong reasons. It’s all publicity.

    • Betty

      Funny stuff. You do have to wonder sometimes, “what were they thinking?”

      Fortunately, there were many – well a few that I saw – that were far worse dresses and outfits all together. Sarah Silverman anyone? Padma Lakshma?

      The style network had their annual after show last night on the fashions, and I have to say I disagreed with a lot of their choices. Some people, like Debra Messing looked lovely and they denounced her as “safe” or “boring”. Somehow I don’t see Khloe Kardashian as a fashion expert and Giuliana Rancic had a really hideous necklace on in the piece and the fashion guy, well, any guy with spiked bleached blonde hair just doesn’t hold much weight with me on fashion advice.

      Oddly enough, one person who ends up on one worst dressed list ends up on someone else’s best dressed list. Go figure! Still not Sarah Silverman – Ha!

    • Betty

      OH, I thought Kate Walsh’s dress was too small on the top for her, too. She obviously didn’t have the spillage problem, but it looked like the top was either two sizes too small, or just not cut and fit for her figure. It was an OK dress, just didn’t appear to fit her properly.

    • Kelly

      The dress would have looked really good if not for the ill fitting top half.

      I clicked her tag as Linda did and there were some pretty bizarre outfits she wore in the past. I’m still a patricia Arquette fan no matter her style of dress.

    • Dawn

      Personally I thought she looked fabulous as she usually does. These so-called “fashion experts” make me sick because they have nothing better to do than to point fingers and make fun of someone else, who has done nothing to them. Who ever decided that that was a worthwhile career? That is just another example of what is wrong with our society. We’re too busy criticizing other people instead of lifting them and encouraging them. Instead of them finding something good to say about something like Patricia’s dress, they relish in making jokes and snarky commentary about it, which is repulsive, and to read and repeat their comments only lends credence to their behavior and the idea that it is okay to make a living by ridiculing someone else.

      I say that Patricia and Thomas both looked fabulous, and if you want to get right down to it, there were a lot of people on the red carpet who looked much worse than the two of them, but where the people criticizing them?

    • cameron

      I really liked the color of the dress and the dress itself I thought it fitted the