Hilary Duff “The Chase” The Final Chapter

Today we continue with Hilary Duff’s weekly podcast series, The Chase. Chapter 7 is the “final chapter” of the series, though the series only now has launched a website!!

This last chapter starts with a black and white movie being watched by Hilary in a theater. She’s joined in the cinema by two men, then slips out. The men follow her only to lose her when she changes outfits quickly. However, they eventually corner her in an alley, only for Hilary to slip into a club and taunt them. She changes outfits a few times, each time posing for them then disappearing. In the end, they can’t find her. The end of the podcast is Hilary walking past several “Wanted” posters with her own face…

The video asks: “It’s been a long run. Is this the end?”

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    • http://legendsofsirens.blogspot.com thewaymouth


      But is it really Hilary’s birthday, or is it… mine?
      Not one but an eventual total of SEVEN different Hilary’s!
      Seven is my blue heaven.
      For The Chase is full of grace.