All My Children Recaps : September 15

All My Children Recaps, episode September 15th Adam wants Annie to remember more about the night Stuart was shot. Annie on the other hand doesn’t want to remember anymore and panicked upon knowing Adam’s wishes. Scott is wondering why that is so. While Annie is in bed with Adam, it’s the young Chandler that’s on her mind, while Scott just can’t stop thinking about his Uncle Adam’s fiancée. Ooohhh

# The magic of Mama Kendall convinced Spike to leave her hidden room before Liza discovers it. With Liza babysitting Kendall’s children while Zach goes off to prove her innocence, Kendall grows more jealous of her hot red-headed Lawyer. Zach on his part  with his usual swagger just nonchalantly continues to uncover whatever Annie is hiding. He believes it’s what’s going to save Kendall. Maybe then his wife would shut up and treat him like her hero again. AND, feel like an A when she’ saved from lifetime imprisonment. Coz of all the years that they have been together, Kendall should know by now how Zach doesn’t like to share his plans with the people he loves or working with. He’s more of a one-man show instead of a group huddle, “let’s do this” kind of guy. The fact that Liza, Kendall’s lawyer, doesn’t know her client who is supposed to be in jail is actually living in Zach’s house is enough proof to Kendall that Zach has plans and while he may not lay out all the blueprints for her to see, it’s all for her her benefit. The least she could do is be grateful and stop nagging the guy. Yah know??

#  JR and Marissa are doing the cross lovers – seesaw  storyline. They’re up 1 minute, then back down. They’re happy, then sad. They understand each other, then not. Just as they are about to get really close, Marissa decided to run. A confused JR follows, then see her with Scott. Unfortunately, JR misunderstood the hug gesture that Scott offered Marissa. Well, way to ruin a blossoming relationship, no?

#  After getting reinstated at the hospital, Frankie injures his hands again courtesy of psychotic Madison who tried to injure him. Right at the nick of time, Madison gets a flash of memory of the night she took a swing at her husband. A flash of guilt and goodness surprisingly stopped Madison from doing the same thing to Frankie and dashed right out of there.

# Erica and Ryan and a slew of staff make preparations to host a Dance-A-Thon to benefit the starving children. Get your dancing heels ready folks.

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