Dallas Cowboys curse lifted?

The Dallas Cowboys won 34-21 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today in the first game of their regular season schedule.


Twitter is aflurry with talk of the curse being lifted after Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo’s recent break-up. A Twitter search for ‘Jessica Simpson’ brings up more about the Cowboys than anything else relating to the singer. Click to read some of the comments being made on Twitter…

Why weren’t they playing Jessica Simpson music over the RJA stadium sound system every chance they got???”

#shoutout TO TONY ROMO FOR DUMPING DAT AIRHEAD BITCH Jessica Simpson!!!!!! and gettN us a WIN TODAY COWBOYS LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

LET’S GO COWBOYSSSSSSSSSSSs yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh……………keep Jessica Simpson away from them this year PLEASEEE they’re doin good………”

Romo’s big fantasy day, 350 yds and 3 TD passes have his owners praying Jessica Simpson never resurfaces in a Cowboy luxury box.”

I bet Jessica Simpson is pretty bummed today. #cowboyscurselifted?”


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