• Fri, Sep 11 2009

Mary-Kate and Ashley at Fashion’s Night Out

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the local bartenders for Fashion’s Night Out last night. The twosome served drinks at both Barneys before heading over to Bergdorf Goodman’s last night during the most spectacular fashion event ever!

Both girls looked great wearing heavy eye make-up and crimped hair. Here’s a great video of MK and Ashley behind the bar. The night looks completely chaotic, no wonder they had loads of security with them.

Marli Milask, a lucky gal who got an Olsen-mixed drink told People.com what it was like:

It’s not that strong, but it’s good. We waited an hour to get inside and just see them for ten minutes, but it was worth it. They were very nice, just pouring drinks and handing them out.

I’m sure they had to ration the alcohol to keep up with demand! A fellow bartender had only praise for the girls when he spoke to People.com. “It was very relaxed. We were making a vodka and pomegranate drink,” he said. “We mixed a couple of hundred drinks together. They’re very hard workers. Very nice.”

The event doubled as a launch for the Row for Men at Barneys.

More photos below the jump!

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