Hugh Hefner Files For Divorce

I’m sure I’m not alone in assuming that Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, has already been divorced from his last “ex” wife. Apparently not!


Hefner and his estranged wife Kimberly Conrad Hefner married in 1989, just after she was named Playmate of the Year in the magazine. The couple, who have two sons together, separated in 1998, and though Kimberly filed a petition for divorce around that time it was later withdrawn.

Hef kept the Playboy mansion and Kimberly and the boys moved into a house next door. Hugh, who has had no less than three girlfriends at a time living with him in the mansion has been paying Kimberly $40,000 a month since the separation, and is hoping that with the divorce proceedings this will go down to $20,000 a month, and ultimately end in two years.

Yesterday, Hef told TMZ: “I am happy to be out of the marriage. I only remained married (to Conrad) for the sake of the children, at her request. I am happy to have this behind me.”

I remember reading an article several years ago, just after The Girls Next Door started airing, that Hugh and his ex had frequent family dinners together with their sons. This probably doesn’t happen much anymore, as both boys are now in college.

Anyway, Hugh is currently living with his three new girlfriends, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, and Crystal Harris.


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