How much does Jenny McCarthy weigh? Find out!

Jenny McCarthy, ex-Playboy bunny who is mostly known for dating Jim Carrey, writing books about curing autism (!!!!!!!), and farting on her raunchy MTV reality show, talked to the Today Show about her highest weight (200 pounds when she was pregnant) and how much she weighs now (she’s 5’6 and weighs 125 pounds). Here’s the video:

On a related note, what do you think of Jenny’s premise that autism can be cured through diet and therapy? I’ve read her book about it, and I know kids with autism, and I know that their parents would do ANYTHING to help them, but I have a hard time believing that autism can be “cured”. Symptoms maybe can be eased, but getting rid of it all together….I don’t know. I don’t really know enough about the whole thing to form a good opinion….what do you think?

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