Meet the Cast and Crew of Medium in L.A.!

This sounds pretty exciting: The Paley Center in Los Angeles has announced that they will be doing a screening party for Medium‘s season premiere in Los Angeles on Friday, September 11, along with other CBS shows, including The Good Wife and Three Rivers. The fun starts at 6:00 with a reception, followed by a panel featuring all of the major players at 7:00, with the screening starting at 8:00. The best part is, the event, part of PaleyFest, is free. However, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you’re going to be in Los Angeles, make your reservations now!

Here’s a list of who will be on the panel, from The Paley Center’s website:

Patricia Arquette, “Allison Dubois”
Jake Weber, “Joe Dubois”
Miguel Sandoval, “D.A. Manuel Devalos”
Sofia Vassilieva, “Ariel Dubois”
Maria Lark, “Bridget Dubois”
David Cubitt, “Det. Lee Scanlon”
Miranda & Madison Carabello, “Marie Dubois”
Glenn Gordon Caron, Executive Producer
Craig Sweeny, Coexecutive Producer
Rob Doherty, Coexecutive Producer

That’s a pretty great lineup, if you ask me. I’m just sorry that I’m on the opposite coast and won’t be able to attend. If you’re planning on going, let us know and be sure to report back!

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    • Betty

      Drat! Wish I had the money to go, although airlines are offering some great deals right now. I would so love, love, love to be there.

      Thanks for the post Kona!

    • Anna

      I’m totally going to that. :)

    • Dawn

      Dangit! That’s just my luck! I missed the Medium event at the Paley in NYC because I was in LA, and as soon as I leave LA, go and have another event at the Paley in LA. It ain’t fair, I tell ya!

      Oh, well, I still have the memories of my set visit, but it would still be awesome to be able to go to that. I SOOOO wish I was still living in LA right now, dangit!

    • Linda

      I really do live in the wrong country, one where it rains all the time.

      I listened to the first one of these just recently, the one the cast did back in March 06/07 (I can’t remember the year, just know it was my birthday the day it was held). It was rather interesting to listen to and a bargain in that it cost me only a pound. I couldn’t believe how articulate Sofia was for her age and it was apparent there was good camaraderie between the cast. I did have a good chuckle at Glenn Caron saying Coventry was a suburb of London. Not quite the case, although with the train it is commutable daily. :)

      I don’t recognise all the people in that photo, the one behind Maria looks vaguely familiar though.

    • Linda

      On their twitter account, the Paley fest says they’ll be tweeting from the panel. I will hopefully be long asleep by then, but you can rss their tweets for one night only if you’re just as nosy as me!

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