CBS Interviews Medium Executive Producer, Glenn Gordon Caron

As part of their continuing “You Ask, They Tell” series, CBS just interviewed Medium EP, Glenn Gordon Caron. While they didn’t ask him about a possible Medium/Ghost Whisperer crossover episode, he did tell some fun stories about how Medium came to be.

When asked where season 5 left off and where do we pick up at the beginning of season 6, Caron gives a very detailed rundown of the end of the season, which is a nice memory-refresher, but fails to really say anything about what’s going to happen in season 6. The only thing they get out of him was a joke about how he’s pretty sure she’s going to come out of her coma, now that they’ve been picked up by CBS.

So if you’re looking for spoilers, this interview definitely isn’t the place to find them. However, he did tell the story about his first meeting with Allison Dubois, and how that led to the show’s creation. For him, the real core of Allison’s story wasn’t necessarily that she saw dead people, it was that saw dead people while being married to a scientist. “What must that pillow talk be like?” was a main question that formed the show; something that is evident in the way the Dubois marriage has been written throughout the show’s run.

Caron also talks about how wanting a “Patricia Arquette-type” led to actually getting Patricia Arquette for the show, and like Jake and Patricia did in their interview, manages to get a few digs in on NBC. You can watch the entire interview below.

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    • Kieran

      I wish I was like Allison. I know it must be hard and difficult but to see the world in such a unique way would just be such a gift to me.

    • Betty

      How nice of CBS to do this. Glad they are getting in their digs at NBC – will those people never learn?

    • Karen

      Good interview. Although I enjoy all the episodes I have to say my favorite ones are credited as being written by Glenn Gordon Caron. Like the season three premiere with the monkey dreams home invasions and the season 4 premier where the little boy was found dead in the doll box at the toy store. I found them scary and disturbing to watch when they first aired (because I have young kids and those are my worst nightmares). After I watched them on DVD I thought they were the best shows and have watched them over again with friends. I guess we all need a good scare and Medium knows how to do it right!

    • Gina

      Can’t wait for season six. Like to see how the coma has affected Allison’s ability to dream the future. I would think it must have changed her dreams somewhat. I’m excited to see how Scanlon and Dinovi adapt to parenthood too!!
      Looking foward to another exciting season. Hopefully one of the best yet!!!

    • Dawn

      I agree, Karen. I also really enjoy the ones written by Glenn Caron. He is an amazing writer and producer. Another Medium writer whose episodes I always enjoy is the amazing Diane Ademu-John. She wrote some of my favorite all-time Medium episodes, such as the incredible The One Behind the Wheel (which Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber should have BOTH won Emmys for, dangit!), The Devil Inside (part 1),Death Takes a Policy, and The First Bite is the Deepest, to name a few. I think all of the writers on Medium do a fantastic job, which is why I keep coming back to the show week after week. I’m glad it’s finally found a home where it will be appreciated and will (hopefully) thrive for a few more seasons. I would LOVE that.

    • Amy

      The season three and four premiers written by G. Caron are among my favorites also. My other favorite is ” We Had A Dream” when Sonny Troyer was trying to break in Allisons’ house and she was running around on the phone calling Scanlon for help. I was hiding behind my pillow. Great writing the way they ended it. My favorite non scary show was “The Amazing Ms. Bodecker” with Allyce Beasley and the bank robbers. It was light and humerous. I also enjoyed the way they added the music to it . Looking foward to many more seasons of Medium.

    • Gina

      Besides the fantastic writing, I love the music they add to the show. Some that stand out are ‘Soulmate’ from the season finale . I also liked the way they put Foreigners’ Waiting For A Girl Like You’ in the Ms Bodecker episode since it fit both storylines. Scanlon just found out he was having a girl, plus it was sweet and funny the way they ended it with Ms. Bodeker and the bank manager with the song in the background. Another is when Ariel’s friend sang ‘Some of My Favorite Things’ to the ending of ‘And Then’. That was a spectaculiar ending to the show.

    • Linda

      I, too, was hiding behind a pillow at “We Had A Dream”. But I’m such a wimp, sometimes I don’t know how I manage to watch this show. I’m easily scared, ha!

      The only episode I really didn’t enjoy was “The Whole Truth”, I really missed the presence of the kids in that one.

      I really love episodes with an Allison/Ariel centric storyline. I love “But For The Grace of God” despite the complete recast of young Allison.

      I would really like further insights into Allison’s relationship with her mom. That and continued visits from Joe’s dad!

    • Kelly

      I am a wimp too. I couldn’t watch that scene in We Had A Dream. I kept channeling back and forth until Allison was safe. I did the same thing for “And Then” when Scanlon was looking thru the doll boxes. I love those episodes.
      I also enjoyed the “Ms Bodiker” episode. I liked the scene with Allison, Devolos and Ms. Bodiker in the interogation room arguing over the sketches. Poor Devolos! That was a funny episode. I liked the music too.
      My other favorite is Four Dreams. Remember the monkey dreams “Yoo-Who”. Then the part with Allison’s ex Clay visiting as a ghost was funny. The scene when Allison was in the tub and Clay was poking fun at Joe was the best. I loved how they went into Scanlon and Devolos personal lives too.
      I’d say my favorites are the scary ones and then the humerous ones.

    • aaron

      I love the show and he is a good writer. I just wish we cold see more of captain push and Lucky. Or maybe we could see a part 2 with the episode Reed Diamond was in. Allison had dreams about him b4 he has commited a crime. Well, have him commit one. Bring him back. Medium has the best writing on tv and I just love the show. Its sad in the tv world when the only family oriented show is a crime drama thAT deals with death every day. I think season 6 will be better than past seasons. CBS is giving them the chance for a complete season and they hae promoted the show alot. They have to write the show better than b4 in order to have more seasons… and I for one, pray we get them. Glenn will see to thatIm sure. Go Medium!!!

    • aaron

      Sorry the epsiode Reed Diamond was in was Coming Soon. Forgot to put that in there.

    • Gina

      Medium has always been written very well, but I agree with aaron that they have to step things up in order to have more seasons. I love the wholesome family dynamics of Medium but am starting to get bored of so much emphasis on Joe’s job. I liked “The Devil Inside” but I switched the channel when they showed Joe and his work issues, of course I switched back for the main plot. I would like to see more storylines involving Devolos and Scanlon. I really enjoyed” Four Dreams” where we saw more of those characters personal lives.

    • Amy

      G. Caron seems to write the best episodes but I also like the ones by Moira Kirkland. Another favorite is the three parter Head Games,Heads will Roll,and Everything comes to a Head with Neve Campbell.

    • Linda

      Yes, I like Moira Kirkland’s episodes too, she also gives away interesting facts on the dvd commentaries too, like I never noticed baby Marie pulling on Joe’s hair in “The Reckoning” until she pointed it out!

      I would like them to revisit Coming Soon, next season maybe if you get one, it depends how long they fast-forward by.

      I also liked the implication of Being Mrs O’Leary’s Cow where the plane might crash at some time in the future.

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