• Tue, Sep 1 2009

Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch at the Half-Blood Prince premiere in Athens, Greece

Good morning, Gryffindors! Sorry for no posts yesterday, my computer blew up Friday and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. Okay, first thing we’ve got this morning are a few great pics of Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch promoting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in Athens, Greece. I love what Evanna is wearing – then again, I usually do!

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  • Momo

    wow, one is blonder than the other, haha!

  • jade arslan

    i think this pictures are beuatiful

    i´am a big fan of tom felton :D

    but i hate evanna lynch

  • seden _ jade arslan

    tom is sooooo hot

    yum yum i love tom and jade olivia

    he is sooo sexy

    peace out (L) :D

  • David

    Evanna looks pretty, she’s maturing and becoming a beautiful women. And she deserves to be loved no hated, she’s one of the nicest, sweetest and smartest girl in the world. And she’s a harry potter fan like all of us, God bless her. It must be a awful person the one person who said that she hates her becuase Evanna only wanted to make her dream come true and makes me feel sad that some people hate her because of that.

  • Ginny Potter

    luna and malfoy i could tell strate away. there the blondest people in the movie

  • LoonyToph

    Im totally Luna x Draco fan, so when I am seeing them together <3333~..awww
    Evanna is sooo cute and beautiful ^-^
    Tom is very very~ hot hot xD