Real Housewives of New York City Have Started Filming


The third season of Real Housewives of New York City started filming this week. Page Six reports that a camera crew was spotted at Zarin Fabrics; meaning Mother Hen Jill Zarin is still in the mix. The girls will film in the Hamptons starting Thursday for end-of-summer Labor Day partying. The producers insist on drawing out this idea that some of the women are leaving, claiming to have two other women “waiting in the wings” in case one of the housewives got boring.

I can already tell you who’s been hard at work cooking up a potential storyline to ensure she’s never fired: our Lady of Drunkorexia, Bethenny Frankel. In yesterday’s Gatecrasher column, she talked trash about her former-BFF Jill Zarin for hanging out with Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan this summer, saying that the threesome resembled an episode of “The Surreal Life,” a show that would absolutely have Bethenny on if it were still filming.

An easy joke to make, but what happens in the Hamptons stays in the Hamptons. I would hang out with Michael Lohan just so I could text people about it. It doesn’t mean he got invited to crash at the Zarin’s Hamptons house, you know? If Jon Gosselin offered to buy me a Jager bomb, I would look him right in his be-dazzled shirt and say “Bring It On!” And then I would make fun of him on my blog the next day. But still: when opportunities for good cocktail party stories appear in your life, you take them. Jill just wanted to say she knew him.

When asked if she would create a special mixed drink for Jill (she’s been creating drinks for other celebs), she said no. Given, Jill doesn’t drink, but at least make up a cute mocktail for the lady.  I’ve been noticing the decline in Jill/Bethenny relations since early summer: the girls have not been hanging out, and Bethenny even added a line about “real friends” in one of her recent Real Housewives of Atlanta blogs for E! Online, writing that “Friendships change like the weather on Bravo.”

Since everyone knows fighting is what keeps the housewives on the air, I’d be willing to bet a case of Patron Silver that the third season of Real Housewives of New York City will have the old BFFs having fights in 5 star restaurants. Mark my words!

[Image: Bauer-Griffin; Via Page Six,Gatecrasher]

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    • keenoid

      Did you catch on Bethenny’s Twitter that she said that Brooklyn Decker is “the hottest new ny housewife” and that she is prattling on to and about Andy Roddick. Is she just yapping or is it possible that this is one of the two “waiting in the wings” that Bravo keeps bonking us over the heads with?

    • keenoid

      Yes, they did just get married. And as to Brooklyn, who knows, but it could be worse. I had friends named Dallas, Austin and Waco when I was a kid. Hee. That is probably what Bethenny was talking about. I can’t see Andy Roddick participating in this shindig. And have definitely noticed the chill between Jill and Bethenny. Think the whole who is the biggest selfpromoho thing has gotten the best of them finally.

    • Nancy

      Girl, this post is on fire. anorexaholic. lol.

    • talia

      Actually Bethanny’s comment makes HER look like she has a big head. What’s wrong with Jill having dinner/drinks with Lohan or Gosselin? Does Bethanny really think she is above them?

      If Jill were a snob she would have nothing to do with them, she was probably just being friendly like most normal people.

      Looks like Bethanny is starting to think like her favorite person, Kelly B. “Bethanny up here, Gosselin/Lohan down there?”.

      I think Bethanny needs a reality check.

    • janet

      I always thought Bethanny used Jill’s friendship to get connections, money and perks. Remember the summer Bethanny stayed rent-free in the Hamptons at Jill’s mansion? Ate her food prepared by Jill’s personal chef?

      Bethanny certainly made herself awfully comfortable at Jill’s homes and leached onto Jill’s mom.

      I think Bethanny is two-faced and is jealous of Jill’s money and success.

    • keenoid

      I think the terms “two-faced” and “jealous” could pretty much be used to describe any of the Bravo Housewives, couldn’t it?

      I totally agree that Bethenny is no better than Jill. I just think that they are both hacked off at any attention the other gets.

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    • Maria Diaz

      I did not! Now that B is updating her own Twitter, it is way harder to read. But I just caught that post… did Brooklyn just get married to Andy? Maybe that’s what it was about? And most importantly, why is she named BROOKLYN?