Jennette McCurdy Working On Her Album!

iphotos170560-Jennette-McCurdy.jpgJennette McCurdy is busy working on her album, but stopped to blog about it on her official blog!

Jennette writes, “I am writing this Monday blog on my one-week anniversary of being here in the lovely City of Music – Nashville, Tennessee! I cannot describe what a fabulous time I’ve been having… but I can try… ;)

I got here Monday night and kicked off my jam-packed week with two writing sessions on Tuesday!

Wednesday, I had an all-day photo-shoot that took me to numerous cool locations! I got to wear some awesome clothes as well. The photographer was amazing, intelligent, and so kind. Everyone there at the photo-shoot just made it such a wonderful day.

Thursday was another two-writing-sessions day, plus I got to stop by Capitol in between for a meeting there! It was such a fantastic feeling, walking into that Capitol Records Nashville building… everyone is so friendly and fun.

Friday was filled with more songwriting, which is always a great experience and release of emotions. It’s like you find out more about yourself with each song you write.

On Saturday morning, I had another writing session (and let me just tell you, every session has been spent with incredibly gracious, warm, welcoming, and talented people), and then I went with the Capitol family to the Keith Urban concert at the Sommet Center! Sugarland performed, and they were SPLENDID! Very unique, inventive, and cool performers. And as for Keith Urban… well, he was mind-blowing!!! I don’t think I could ever get enough of his concerts. The goodness of his soul just shines through in every song. He gives SO MUCH LOVE and so much of himself to his audience. It’s intriguing to watch and compelling to feel. I saw him backstage before the concert, and seeing that one-of-a-kind smile and soulful eyes just filled me with hopes of being half as good as him someday – not only as a performer, but as a human being. He was just phenomenal. Just phenomenal. I wish I could properly convey how phenomenal he is, but it is not humanly possible in my Monday blog. To describe his phenomenal-ness is the kind of endeavor that would take a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday blog combined together into one jumbo-blog. Okay, you get the picture.

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