Colin Egglesfield Moves To “Melrose Place”

Congratulations to Colin Egglesfield aka Josh Madden (All My Children) for nabbing the role of Auggie Kirkpatrick on CW Network’s “Melrose Place”.


According to CW TV, Auggie  Kirkpatrick is a sensitive sous chef with a dark past. Oooohh. Soap Opera fans, particularly All My Children fans know Colin as Josh Madden. The guy who can be both in business and in the medical field, respectively. He was quite smart yah know. After a rocky start in Pine Valley where Josh Madden became The Other Man in Babe’s life to make JR Chandler’s life complicated, as well as finding out that he is actually Erica Kane’s son that she never knew about.

After a while the character went idle, useless and of course evil by stealing his brother-in-law’s money. To save him from being killed by Zach, Kendall and Ryan worked together to get him out of town. Then he came back to rob Zach’s casino, things went from crazy to Josh getting shot by Zach, and is the only heart donor to save Kendall’s life. Erica Kane had to pick which kid matter to her more. Kendall or Josh. Wow, Sophie’s Choice, heh.

In the end, Josh died leaving his heart for his sister Kendall, which meant Colin Egglesfield left Pine Valley for good. Now he’s moving into Melrose Place. I am so happy for him. I love it when daytime actors get a break in either Primetime or Movies. Now if only Ashley Simpson is not part of the Melrose Place cast then maybe I’d say I am soooo looking forward to this remake/revamped whatever you want to call it show. Well, maybe I’ll catch the pilot episode and then go from there.

Again, Congratulations Colin!!

(Image : Zuma Press)

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