Friday Flashback: The Jolie-Pitt kids growing up

This week’s Friday Flashback comes courtesy of one of our regular PittWatch readers, Dana. She did a great job on a video of the Jolie-Pitt kids.

We’ve been so lucky to get to watch Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh grow up; we haven’t seen as much of Knox and Vivienne but it’s understandable because they know how out of control the paparazzi get when they’re out. Maybe now that they’re in France where it seems to be a little bit calmer Brad and Angelina will take the twins on an outing as well. They’re still being photographed but it looks like it’s just one camera instead of a herd of photographers screaming, and they appear to be taken from a reasonable distance.

I hope you enjoy the video, it’s fun to see how much the Jolie-Pitt kids have changed over the years!

Thanks Dana!

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    • Arrielle

      Oh my!! I remember the day they got and had each of the children ans it makes me tear up to see hw they have each grown. A lot of people say that adopting foreign children has become nothing more than a fad in hollywood and seeing the love between each child and their two parents is proof that this is no fad. They took kids from conditions of poverty ans sheltered them with a life that would be very much unimaginable if they were being raised in their home countries. These kids’ lives will be great ones due to the undying love and affection from their parents. I wish we all were so lucky… *tear*

    • joliepittfanatic

      Livia- Yes, that was the Green Day concert (Sherry posted a link to the photos here). :) As for my favorites…Well, I love the ones of baby Maddox. It’s hard to believe that Maddox was ever that tiny! My other favorites of the Maddox pictures are the ones of he and Brad right after Brad and Angie first got together. Although Brad obviously fell in love with Angie, you can tell that he fell in love with Maddox, too (in a different way than he fell in love with Angie, obviously!). :)

      For Zee’s pictures…My favortie is the one at about 2 minutes into the video, where Zahara is clearly being possesive of her daddy. The look on her face is clearly saying, “This is MY daddy! You can’t have him!”

      Shi….I love those pictures of her from her first photoshoot in PEOPLE. It seems like just yesterday that we heard of Shi’s birth. I also love the one at 3:07 into the film, where Angie and Shi are making almost the exact same facial expression!

      Pax….Like several other commentors on here, I love the one of him and Maddox asleep together in the hotel bed the night after his adoption. I also love the one 4:26 into the movie where he’s laughing his head off and clearly having a great time. And of course I love the one of him asleep in Brad’s arms at the Green Day concert.

      Knox and Viv…Well, I just wish we could see them again already! :) I love the comparassion pics of Knox/baby Brad and Viv/baby Angie. You can tell that Knox looks a lot like his dad, and Viv a lot like her mom. :)

    • joliepittfanatic

      Arrielle- I agree. In fact, Zahara almost certainly wouldn’t even be alive today had Angie not adopted her.

    • Dana/Anastasja

      Thanks to all for your kind words. Look how big Maddox is now:


    • Charmain

      Awesome video! I love every part of it but my fav gotta be the sleeping Mad& Zee feeding Pax. They’re absolutely gorgeous kids.

      Just like the rest, I really want to see more of the twins!

    • Kati

      I´ve watched this video over and over again and can´t get enough if it. What is that song playing in the background? My guess is that it´s from Coldplay but can´t remember which one it is. I especially love that Maddox part (still love the other kids too). It´s so obvious he´s dad´s boy. He certainly loves to do guy stuff with his dad and Brad sure loves Mad a lot. He naturally loves his two other sons a lot but Mad sure is very special to him since that little boy brought him and Angie together. Mad sure is a very loving and nurturing big bro to all his brothers and sisters. He sure will be a humanitarian just like his parents. Gos bless the whole family always!

    • Kati

      I didn´t mean to say in my previous post that Brad loves his other children less. Naturally he loves all of them very, very much. Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne are all very dear to him. Shi is very special to him since she´s his and Angie´s first biological child, Zahara because it´s very possible that he and Angie saved her life. And there sure many reasons why Pax, Knox and Vivienne all are very special to their parents in their own unique way.

    • Dana/Anastasja

      Kati, this is a lullaby version of “Clocks” by Coldplay

    • joliepittfanatic

      Kati- Actually, I have always thought of Maddox as more of a mommy’s boy. It’s very clear that he and Angie have an extra-special relationship, due to it being just the two of them for nearly four years. :)

    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – naturally Maddox is a mommy´s boy too. But I remember reading in a Marie Claire interview back in 2007 that Angie told how Mad says: “This is a boy thing, mum.”. That shows that he loves his dad a lot. Angie mentioned in that same interview that she wasn´t sure if Mad was ever gonna have a dad and how it almost makes her cry when she sees father and son together. Mad and Angie spent four years together – that´s true – but after that Mad got the best possible dad he (and his siblings) could ever imagine. God bless this beautiful family always!