Big Brother 11: HOH & Mystery Room Spoiler

[Photos: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved]

When the Big Brother live episode ended last night, we were waiting to find out who won the HOH Competition. Here’s the spoiler on that. Kevin is this week’s Head of Household.

Last night on Big Brother After Dark, we saw him and the rest of the remaining houseguests investigate his HOH room. He read the letter from his partner and got very choked up about it. It was a completely romantic and wonderful letter. I got teary-eyed right along with him.

Julie Chen also gave us a hint that there would be a secret to come into play with the mystery door in the house too. On the feeds, we now have word that it’s called Pandora’s Box. Kevin was told that he could either get a prize for himself alone, or get something that would be for the entire house. He chose to share it with them all by turning down the individual prize. Very cool!

At this point, Kevin seems to still be leaning toward nominating Jeff & Michelle for eviction this week. It looks like it will all come down to the Power of Veto competition…stay tuned.

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