John Mayer Is a “Bad Influence” According to Rob Dyrdek’s Mom?

When you think of John Mayer you might think of soulful music, guitar playing and possibly the singer’s rep for breaking hearts, but would you ever guess that someone 90614M3_MAYER_B-GR_02would label him a “bad influence”?

One of his  friends, Rob Dyrdek dished a bit about what his mom thought of John. Rob’s mother supposedly thinks John Mayer is a bad influence on her adult son.

Rob is the star of MTV’s show, Fantasy Factory and was seen being carried out of a club by John in June. Momma didn’t like that much. According to Rob, “My mother was so disappointed.”

He continues, “She went to instantly not liking him and thinking he was a bad influence on me. She used to be like, ‘John Mayer’s so great!’. And then after that she was like, ‘No John! I don’t care how famous you are, John.’”

“My mom knows that the paparazzi ain’t chasing me, and that me going out with him and acting like I was drunk — like he influenced me to be the guy getting carried out of the club. She was like, ‘John, how come you didn’t get carried out of a club?’. I got the bad end of it,” explains Rob.

Well, I certainly don’t think John is anybody’s role model, but who cares when you’re grooving to one of his many hits?

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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