Is Lorelai Ready to Commit?

In the previous episode, Lorelai talks about being ready to say “I love you”, and how important it is for her to teach Rory about commitment. And yet, in ‘Love, Daisies, and Troubadours‘, Lorelai hesitates when Max says “we should get married.” She says it’s because the proposal should be magical – that it should have a thousand yellow daisies and candles – but is that true?


In this episode, Luke and Max seem to be sparring – or “swinging their things around”, as Lorelai puts it – about their position in Lorelai’s life. That alone should be some indication to Lorelai that her future is a little confused. Max, indeed, only “proposed” marriage as a way to end their constant derailment – the squabbles that drive them apart. But is that a reason to propose?

Do you think there are a lot of red flags to Max & Lorelai’s relationship? Is it enough that Max did get the thousand yellow daisies? That Lorelai says she “might be” happy?

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    • Louise

      It’s not enough that Max got the yellow daisies because Lorelai had to tell him that was the way to propose, he didn’t think of it himself.
      I also don’t think Lorelai was ready to commit to anybody at this point. Luke and Max were ‘swinging there things around’ about their position in Lorelai’s life and I think Lorelai was just as confused about who they were in her life. It is clear that Lorelai had feelings for Luke, it has been since day 1, but Max was a nice guy and after her suggestion he did get the yellow daisies. however, it makes me think, would Luke have got the daisies without being told? maybe this is what Lorelai was thinking and maybe the answer was yes.

    • Mac

      She was not ready to commit yet. I don’t think she has been ready until she proposed to Luke. Sure, she wanted the whole package but at the same time she loved her life, her independence and everything that goes with it.

      I think she was flattered by Max’s grand gesture even though it was dictated to him. She probably never imagined that she someone could do that for her someday.
      I’m pretty sure she said yes a a reflex to a nice action, without considering all the consequences of her decision. The thing she didn’t even consider at this point where they would live, etc.

    • Lexie

      I don’t think it matters that it was “dictated” to Max. What’s important is that he heard what she said, and fulfilled her imaginings. The fact that he did what she said proposals were supposed to be- wonderful, says a lot.
      However, I do think Lorelai backed out because she wasn’t ready to commit. Had they gotten married, I don’t think the marriage would have lasted. Both Lorelai and Max had dreams and those both sent them in different directions. With Max, it was teaching at a university. With Lorelai, it was opening the Dragonfly. Had Max gone to Stanford, Lorelai would either have not had the opportunity for opening her inn, or she would have not married Max.
      And I think opening the inn would have overcome her “love” for Max.

    • martin

      The scene captured in the episode still above is another classic moment from the show. Max and Luke in sort of a “who is the better guy” contest, if it wasn’t for Lorelai, they could have punched each other. (Compare to Luke and Chris in Season 7)