• Fri, Aug 21 2009

Scream Queens 2: Season 1 Winner Tanedra Tells What It’s Like

I announced a few days ago that the VH1 series Scream Queens is casting right now for its second season. But those of us who got to see the first season of the show know that it’s not a joke at all. This isn’t a silly reality show, it’s for real. The winner of the season will actually star in a feature motion picture.

No one knows that any better than the winner of the first season, Tanedra Howard. She made this clip to show all of you prospective Scream Queens what her experience is like and why you should try out for the show:

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  • jayson breniser

    Yay! I’m so glad that Scream Queens is coming back. Tanedra is the best representation for the show. Although, I really liked Sara. I seen her on an episode of Millionaire Match Maker. haha

  • Angela

    Iam so happy that Scream Queens is coming back. I would love to be in on the action this time. I also agree with the person above me that Tendra is the best and I was cheering her on the whole time during the last Scream Queen.

  • Angela Tyler

    YAY for Tendra

  • Angela Tyler

    Iam so happy that Scream Queen is coming back. I would love to be a part of the new seasons show. And the last season I was cheering for Tendra the whole time I was so happy when she won. She really was the best out of all the others.