More Details on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice Crossovers

19999PCN Maybe23In an effort to get more people to watch both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, ABC and Shondaland are planning some crossovers between the two shows. They’re banking that if they give us some connected storylines we’ll undoubtedly tune in. Already, we know that Chandra Wilson will be leaping over to Private Practice for a crossover episode.

Now the L.A. Times tells us that Alexie Gilmore (World’s Greatest Dad) is shooting an episode of Private Practice that will eventually send her over to Grey’s Anatomy. Details as to what will be involved in the Grey’s side of things remains hidden in the dark abyss wherein Shonda keeps all the stuff she doesn’t yet want us to know.

But, we do know the following regarding her storyline for Private Practice:

Gilmore will be playing a dying woman in need of a kidney transplant. Her sister is the only one that can give her this kidney. After this, her character will head on over to Grey’s to … well, to something.

More details on this when they rain down on us. In the meantime, what do you think of all of these crossovers? Do you think ABC has the right idea? Do you watch Private Practice anyway?


Via | Spoiler TV

Image: Pacific Coast News

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    • meinke

      I didn’t watched season 1 and 2 (if the upcoming season is seaason 3) but now i’m gonna buy 1 and 2 and gonna watch 3!!!

    • Brennan

      I watched season 2 of private practice and like it :) will def watch season 3, but I think crossovers should be more about the regular cast, rather than “strays” if they are using it as a strategy to keep us tuned in. TBH, I really don’t care that a patient went from LA to Seattle, or the other way round, but I will definitely watch Chandra Wilson on P.P!

    • Tina

      hate private practice, hate this whole crossover deal

    • Amanda

      I watch Private Practice and I hate the crossovers. I never cared about Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe it’s because I watch Private Practice only for Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman.

    • amyricky22

      Does anyone know when the new season of greys anatomy and private practice are starting back up??

    • Hannah

      I didn’t like PP, but then I watched the 1st season and now..I LOVE it!

    • Bekki

      i only started watching private practice at the start of the second series. i don’t think i like it better than Grey’s though, but i’ve really warmed to it now. i love the character of addison. i don’t think they should cross characters over for good though. i don’t think people will llike PP better than GA because it’s a spin off and they just never seem to be as good :/ sorry

    • Nicola

      I absolutely adore the crossovers.
      I was devastated when Kate Walsh left but if you haven’t already, you have got to watch Private Practice. It’s fantastic! Can’t wait for the new seasons to start! :D

    • Carly

      i LOOOOOOOOVE them bothh .
      i also love the crossover episodes,
      i espcially loved the one with archer,
      its just so cool to see how they are with eachother now,
      after like addison was with them on greys then when they
      are back together its just so cool to watch.
      and see how much they have changed. :) <3333
      waaaaatch both ;)

    • Glenda

      I only ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I have since watched Private Practice and now I’m hooked.

      I have felt since the merger with Mercy West on Grey’s Anatomy that there should be another spin-off series dedicated to Mercy West Hospital before the merger, because on Grey’s over the years there is always some kind of mention of overflow patients being sent to Mercy West that could open it up for a crossover, to show the aftermath at Mercy West and how they deal with trauma and how relationships work over there. See how there Interns, Residents and Attendings all work together and there relationships. Mercy West has a different teaching style to that on Grey’s they just call out the answers instead of putting up there hand and waiting to be asked to answer when doing rounds.

      I loved the recent Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover episode with Mark and Addison sleeping together in her office.