Aussie Tough Guys Yell at the Paparazzi

According to the Digital Spy, a group of Aussie men didn’t appreciate it when paprazzi started shooting Katie’s photo when she was at a local chocolate show. You can see the pictures of Katie Holmes shopping for chocolates here.

Katie Holmes Buying Candy In Melbourne (USA ONLY)

An eyewitness told The Daily Telegraph: "This table of tough-looking guys got up and began yelling at the photographers to leave the lady alone."

The story goes on to say that the men started shoving and pushing the paparazzi until Katie’s bodyguard came outside and intervened.

What do you think – true story?

Image Credit: Flynet

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    • kate

      The Digital Spy and The Telegraph seem to lean more towards gossip so I am inclined not to believe it.

    • Priscila

      I do not believe, until it seems that the paparazzi would stop taking a picture (even in bad quality) of the alleged confusion

    • kelly

      Sounds made up to me too.