Lynne Curtin Evicted From Her Home & Matt Keough Gets Another DUI

lynnecurtin_rhocountyTMZ has two Real Housewife of Orange County stories up today and both continue to kill the dying fantasy of the lush, stress-free, “aspirational” life the Orange County housewives are supposed to represent.

First up, Matt Keough, the ex-husband of part time housewife Jeana Keough pulled a Lindsay Lohan and was once again arrested for a DUI while rolling a stop sign in their gated community of Coto de Caza, where Jeana and fellow housewife Vicki Gunvalson live. This is his third DUI arrest. In season 5, we saw Jeana finally start to move on from her marriage to Matt, here’s hoping this DUI does not make it into Jeana’s storyline for season 6 and that she’s removed him from her life completely.

Second we have newish housewife Lynne Curtin, the dopey, youth and fitness-obsessed housewife with the out of control underage drinking daughters. Rumor last season was that her sparsely furnished house in Laguna Beach was a rental. And guess what — we were right! Lynne and her husband Frank have just been served with a 3 day notice to vacate the premises. They owe over $12,000 in back rent and fees. TMZ says the cameras were rolling when they were served with a notice, so we will get to witness this lovely moment in the life of the Curtins in just a few months.

Between the Gretchen and Jay drama, Tamra and Jeana going through possible foreclosure and now Lynne being evicted, season 6 of Real Housewives of Orange County is going to be a huuuuuuge downer.  Vicki will be our only ray of sunshine. Woo-hoo!

[Image: Bravo/NBC Universal]

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    • Remi

      Lynn and Tamra brought it on themselves for their situation right now, Broke and broken. You reap what you sow. They are so self indulgent ,fake and obnoxious. In spite of their financial situation they rather spend money on face lifts and BMW and diamond ring, just to fit in? fit in to what?

      Now Lynne is blaming it on OC? what has Orange county got to do with it.
      With that attitude ,fake lifestyle, doesn’t matter where they live.
      How screwed up are they? RIDICULOUS!

    • Jaye

      OK, so instead of paying their 12K in rent, they got facelifts? I’d want a refund on that facelift, it’s terrible. She looks like a bulldog. The doctor should have at least lifted those jowls. Dear lord she’s just ugly.

      Alexis, Vicki, and Gretchen are the prettiest, however, Vicki has a job, and she doesn’t think that you have to live at the gym in order to have a life.

    • Ellie

      First of ALL,

      Lynn and her husband need to start dishing up a can of “whoop-ass” when it comes to their selfish, spoiled, rude and unappreciative daughters!!

      Lynn is too busy trying to be their “FRIEND” instead of laying down the law and setting some guidelines like any other GROWN & RESPONSIBLE mother would do. That’s EXACTLY why her daughters WALK ALL OVER HER her butt and treat her like crap, calling her a Biiiiatch to her face!!

      WHITE women are always trying to be their kids “friends, always trying to buy their kids love and attention by any means necessary and then wonder WHY their child ends up shooting up their school, overdosing on drugs/alcohol or hanging themselves, etc.

      CHILDREN need perimeters, if you just let them do whatever, whenever, then you have NO ROOM to complain when they don’t listen to you or respect your authority or your rules.

      Obviously these girls are not born from a BLACK mother, otherwise they would recognize their life would cease to exists.

      FIRST of all, Lynn needs to STOP babying those “she devils” of hers. She needs to STOP treating them like they are little girls, THEY ARE NOT LITTLE GIRLS and need to realize that not everything revolves around their selfish asses. STOP spoiling them and thinking that they will LISTEN to you or LIKE you more because you are spoiling them. ALL that is doing is making them more clueless by the minute and greedier in the process. Lynn really needs to take one of her exercise dumbbells and whoop-that-ass!!!

      I would NEVER call my mother a bitch and expect to live another day. O-kaaay?
      Lynn acts like she’s the child by allowing her daughters to TALK DOWN to her and ignore her. It’s utterly ridiculous that she allows her daughters to get away with it. These girls wouldn’t last two days in my household, you can BELIEVE that. My momma would set them straight the first minute they stepped into our house.

      The episode where her daughter walked away from her in the mall after throwing Lynn’s bracelet at her on the table. Wooow…. my mother would have snatch my ass up and dangled me over the railing in a HOT SECOND right there in that mall. But Lynn just sat there with this TEARFUL, STUPID and PITIFUL LOOK on her face, as if she was 5 years old.

      I wanted to reach in the TV and snatch that little hussy up for treating her mother that way.

      Don’t get it twisted, momma don’t play.

      • Roz

        WHAT??? Lets not even say WHITE mothers cause we all could go “there” on black mothers in a whole other direction..who are you!!!!

      • Roz Powell

        AND..this isnt about RACE…it is about MORALS…so drop the “WHITE” thing….

    • Ellie

      I’m sorry…. but something smells VERY fishy.

      HOW in the hell you AND your daughter are getting plastic surgeries and shopping like you’re RICH when you’ve been evicted TWICE from your rentals?? This means, you don’t even OWN your own home, you’re just a renter!!

      Are you serious?

      This is EXACTLY WHY all these women are nothing but FAKE, PHONY, FRAUD-IMPOSTORS and CHEAP GOLD-DIGGING HUSTLERS. Practically all of them have either had their homes foreclosed on, been divorce 3-4 times, or they’re connected to the MOB!!!

      AND this is who girls and women are suppose to look to as “role models”. YOU have to be K-razy in the head. These women are phonies pretending to be someone they clearly are NOT!!!!

      Tamara, for example who talked so much SHIT about everyone else except her indignant butt is getting a divorce, her house is being foreclosed on and her son will surely end up in JAIL sooner than later. This is the same GREEDY BITCH who talked like her ass don’t stink!!! Talk about KARMA huh? What goes around, surely comes back around.

      WAKE UP LADIES, STOP believing all this trashy garbage. Hey, my life is BETTER than all these greedy hussies. I own my own catering/design business, I have two masters, I OWN my own home and I have a family that respects and loves me. I also have a wonderful husband, but if he ever decides to leave me, that’s fine too. I’m NOT going to crumble and falter in MY LIFE’S GOAL, plus I make TRIPLE what he earns in my business (it’s in my name only).

      Ladies need to start PROTECTING THEMSELVES and their FUTURE should their man or significant other leaves them. Men have been doing it for decades. Women need to ALWAYS PAY themselves first and BANK, BANk, BANK every dime you can. Cuz you never know when that rainy day will come. Nothing is guaranteed for life ladies.

    • Vanessa Worrell

      I think Lynn should sue her plastic surgeon. Her face is worst and her daughters nose is large. It was fine before. Then she should take the money and pay her rent.

    • http://yahoo Angie

      I LOVED your post! Lynn’s daughters are manipulative brats and always wanting more and more. Lynn can’t blame the OC for their mess – she’s trying to keep up with the Joneses but doesn’t pay her rent – what’s up with that? As for the facelift – she actually looks worse now than before – what a disaster.

      I also have my own business and yes, I could well afford a huge home but I’d rather save, save, save. I have no debt, pay everything in cash and live well beneath my means. These woman in Orange County are setting a poor example for viewers, posing as wealthy woman with BMW’s, rolexes, hours at the spa, etc. That’s not reality for us.

      Isn’t it interesting how Simon made it a point to present Tamra with an expensive bracelet and a Rolex on previous episodes, had a party on his mini yacht all for the benefit of the viewers?? Was any of it real? If so, no wonder they’re broke! Maybe Tamra can take her jewelry to creepy Jim’s pawn shop!

    • tyler

      Alexis looks like a transvestite. I watch economy collapse videos of southern california and its awful. That state is broke and now it appears these vixons are broke. They’ll get raped if they have to stay in a homeless shelter.

    • Randi Natashi

      BRAVO is a Fucken Joke! They need to film real shit verses filming broke ugly ass white women with no real life! It would be a great show is they filmed real stories.
      There are truly real wealthy housewives that live in Orange County with real old money that they can film; the reason why I know because I sit on the board of a private club just for the elite. I personally live in a 10,000 sqft home located in San Juan and I drive a “White Bentley and all of my shit is free and clear and I am African American women without a husband! Better yet I have several friends in the same situation who are truly financially wealthy under the age of 45 years old. I have a girlfriend’s husband that can get the governor on the phone within 10 minutes.
      Of all the beautiful white women out there, why in the hell did they pick the ugliest white gals to film? I just don’t understand it. They need to select women like” Ivanka Trump” who is young, beautiful and powerful and who can make a difference in people lives. Tamara is Very beautiful but she is just the dingiest bitch ever. I don’t know what bitch will fuck up her marriage over another bitch that isn’t paying your mortgage payment???? What kind of Bullshit is that???? “Laughing out loud” I like Vicki, although she is not the most attractive thing in the world, she is hard working and she is truly trying to make a difference. She is not perfect but I can sit down and have coffee with her and we will talk about business. I can truly relate to her and share appreciation for her talent. I am a workaholic just like her and work from sun up until sun down. I am self made with a liquid portfolio of $20M. I made my first Mil when I was 34 years old and I am not 42 years of age. All the other bitches…I truly cannot relate. I’d once wanted to be on the Real Housewives but once I discovered what went on behinds the scenes, I lost interest. Any how….maybe I will put a reality show together and film the wealthiest business women in OC.

      Ms. Randi Natashi

    • Jeff

      why do you feel the need to bring race into the equation when talking about parenting? As far as white parents raising kids that shoot up schools: do whites make up the majority of the prison population? Nope, that would be the dark skinned fucking criminals. I guess black’s parenting skills aren’t all that good huh?

    • Bitch Please

      uhm yeah Randi, you seem all class, there. They should have totally filmed someone as classy as you instead. (Rolling eyes)

    • Grace

      Ms.Natashi sounds like those so called ugly white women pay your salary.
      come, come now….you sound just at tad jealous.

    • Katie

      I used to love this show and I think it’s very sad to watch peoples lives go downhill whether they are wealthy or not. I feel like a show that was fun once has turned to a show that uses real personal problems to draw viewers and ratings. I miss the season 1 and 2!!!

    • Rebecca

      @Randi – I thought classy, highly educated, wealthy women (whatever race or creed) did not say “F#@ken”. Makes me wonder – just sayin’.

    • Sophie B

      I have some advice for Lynne and Tamra. They need to pick up a book and read Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. Cut up your credit cards, get some type of job (flipping burgers, I DON’T CARE!), and pay off your debt. Get financially fit people. “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” -Ramsey

    • Who_is_ Randi_Natashi?

      It appears that “Ms. Randi Natashi” has her own controversy going on surrounding her misrepresented Women’s Expo last year in Long Beach!

      A Word of Caution re: Epremier Women’s Expo…

      Let me start at the beginning… at a bridal show in April, I met a woman named Randi Natashi who approached me about participating in a women’s show (open to the public) that would be sponsored by BravoTV and Revlon…

      So, what happened? Very little effort was put forth to get people through the door. Here is a link to sponsorship information for the event where 35,000 in attendance was promised along with a fashion show, workshops and speakers…none of which took place.

      Turns out, the event was NOT sponsored by BravoTV, Revlon, NBC, CNN or the other large companies that were mentioned in conjunction with this expo over the last several months.

      If your business is ever approached by Epremier or Randi Natashi and her team in the future, I would strongly caution you about paying her for any of the services she may promise.

      Posted by whoisrandinatashi

      Long overdue, but I find this article ironic.
      I was also introduced to “Randi Natashi”.
      Has anyone seen the VH-1 show Tough Love2? Unless she has a twin named Kanesha, I think this woman has multiple identities. She gave a fictitious background stating she lived in a mansion in OC, was headed to the Bentley shop following our meeting because Bravo was buying it to use in her new role as a friend of Gretchen’s on The Housewives of Orange County. Her story also included making millions as a financier, owning several businesses and having a long-term relationship with a mogul.
      Should have known by the weave, chipped nails and worn heels that the woman was a farce.
      Disguises and insecurities only last so long. I hope the show helps her find herself and be happy with the person she is. Use those powers for good not evil.

      I tend to believe this person, I mean, when have you ever heard of a black woman named “Randi”? Now, Kanesha or Laquesha I can buy, but Randi – no way!

    • Who_is_ Randi_Natashi?

      Here she says she lives in Ladera Ranch:

      Randi Natashi’s Page profile on

      Randi Natashi
      Ladera Ranch, CA
      United States

      • Dr. Robert Helton

        I happen to know Randi Natashi personally, and she is a very professional women. I attend he Exclusive Premier Women’s Expo and she did a splended job organizing the show. For the most part I noticed a few bad exhibitors that tried to shut the show down to do not recieving chairs for there booth space.

    • Julie

      Can Lynne and her dopey husband be any more dense? What does she bring to the show? Thankfully I record the show and fast forward any scene she is in. Will they still film her when she is living in tent city? Just a thought.

    • reagn0120

      The problem with this family is none of the women have a work ethic. Lynne and her daughters expect to have everything handed to them. And her poor husband, he seemed to actually work hard for everything he had. And he was taken advantage of. I am only 23 years old, and I could NEVER imagine not going to college or working towards a career. These “ladies” need a wake-up call. They need a reality check. Its time to be independent and stop relying on men to pay their way through life. It is so disgusting.

    • Maria Diaz

      I bet it will be more of the same since they don’t pay for any of the luxurious stuff they do anyway. Spa trips, Fred Segal, vacations, etc — those are all comped. It’s such a confusing message to the viewer.

    • Maria Diaz

      Please don’t type in all caps next time :)