Katie Shops for Chocolates

Yesterday (August 14), Katie Holmes was seen at a chocolate store buying some gifts for Tom and Suri. Her bodyguard was close by her side as she took a break from filming “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” in Melbourne, Australia.

Katie Holmes Buying Candy In Melbourne (USA ONLY)

Katie was filming a scene for the movie on location at the vacant Medical clinic in Melbourne. She took a quick break and strolled through the streets and then took a slow walk back to the set.

Tom and Katie had been apart for almost a month while Tom was back in Los Angeles. He flew in last week to see Katie and Suri and now he is heading out again. I am not sure how long Katie has left in Melbourne, but she definitely seems to be enjoying herself.

“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” is about a young girl (Bailee Madison) who is sent to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Katie Holmes) discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

It’s set for a 2011 release, which seems like an eternity to me! +3 pictures of Katie at the chocolate store below.

Katie Holmes Buying Candy In Melbourne (USA ONLY) Katie Holmes Buying Candy In Melbourne (USA ONLY)

Katie Holmes Buying Candy In Melbourne (USA ONLY)

Image Credit: Flynet

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    • Just My Opinion

      It seems like both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes won’t be releasing full features until 2011. Katie has a cameo role in The Extra Man which will be
      released in 2010 but aside from that it looks like it will be 2 YEARS before
      we see these two in a starring movie role. I agree that that seems like eternity.

    • ari

      OMG 2011!!!

    • jenna

      Lets HOPE it gets released sooner….sometimes they do!!!!! :) Lets keep our fingers crossed….I will be front and center opening night!!! :)

    • Just My Opinion

      And that’s if the movie is even made (Mission Impossible 4) which in
      my opinion is a “safe bet” for Tom Cruise. The MI franchise has been
      successful and Cruise needs to be part of a successful movie. I still
      say if he appears in the movie, they will also attach a younger actor
      in the role to attract the 25-35 demographic audience. In 2 years
      Tom will be 49 years old. Nothing wrong with being 49 but he needs to
      start LOCKING DOWN his next movie role. Time is passing…

    • Just My Opinion

      In my opinion, Katie looks tired or kinda of sad in these pictures.

    • bambi

      I agree that 2011 seems like an eternity away. However, as far as I know, the studio has not released an official date for the “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” yet. I think the reports that say it’s coming out in 2011 are using IMDB as a source, but they often get things wrong, especially when a film is still in the early stages. I hope it comes out sooner!

    • kate

      she looks great and doing what she likes, shopping :)

    • annie

      I can’t get over how tall this security guy must be, Katie looks small next to him!

    • Sarah

      I think she looks totally enchanted by the chocolate!! Apparently she was visiting the chocolate cafe chain Chocolateria San Churro. I love that place (she obviously has great taste!) I bet she was buying Tom a box of their yummy chocolate truffles. Mmmmmm…..