Quentin Tarantino says Brad Pitt’s no pretty boy – he’s a man and an icon!

I love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (obviously!) and I love to read or hear what they have to say about their movies, their activism, their family, and each other. However, I think one of my favorite things is to hear what others in the business say about them. I find it very telling that despite what the non-fans and tabloids want to say, a great deal of people in the world of Hollywood have very positive things to say about them as actors and as people.


Quentin Tarantino, after working with Brad in Inglourious Basterds, declared that Brad Pitt isn’t a pretty boy anymore, having moved far beyond the face (and butt) we all got to know in Thelma and Louise.

In this article, Quentin says:

“What’s really cool about Brad right now is that the pretty boy is gone. He’s a man now. He can bear the weight. Brad is at the zenith of his iconicness.”

Also, although it doesn’t say so specifically, it sounds like there just might be a prequel or sequel to Inglourious Basterds in the future because Quentin said that he just kept writing and writing the story, barely able to stop coming up with new ideas for his characters.

“I couldn’t turn my brain off. I couldn’t stop coming up with new avenues, new ideas. Suddenly it was like, what the f**k? Am I too big for movies now? Are movies too small for me? I mean, what’s that about?”

That’s good news for us because the more material he still has lying around, the higher the odds that we’ll get another movie, and we already know that Brad has implied he’d work with Quentin again if the chance came up!

I don’t know about you, but even though I still haven’t seen the first movie, I already know I’d watch the second!

Image: BauerGriffinOnline

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    • angela

      he sure have evolved from a pretty boy to a man.

      Sherry, here’s the link of that People Scans: (scroll it down to the middle part)


    • angela

      sorry for double posting.

      i just wanted to share this photo of Brad taking his boys to the Green Day concert. It’s from JJB as well. as you can see, both boys have ear protection.
      it’s just so cute. :)


    • Jamie

      It seems that Brad is shedding his “pretty boy” image on a daily basis. In another interview, Tarantino went even further and said that he is no longer a “pretty boy” but a “handsome man” which i agree with. I think Brad likes his mature self and something tells me he refuses to shave or dye his beard because he wants people to know he is not afraid of aging. Anyone who is brave enough to take those unforgiving close-ups for W has to be a confident person who is comfortable with himself. He seems more self assured without the youthful cockiness.

      Most of his co-stars in this particular film have all said he is cool, down to earth and a regular guy, again what I think he likes to hear. But in reading about him (and Angelina) most of his co-stars and professionals who write say the same things about him. The writer for Parade had high praise for him as well.

      (Those photos at the concert are adorable, especially the one of Pax fast asleep. He want to hang out with his big brother and dad, but he just crashed and dad just craddles him. Very sweet picture of Brad and his oldest boys, with well protected ears.)

    • elizabeth

      Thanks so much for sharing very nice and awesome. Just Jared already have 1400. comments the most famous HW star. Lets support them this coming Aug 12.

    • Mary Ann

      Jamie, I agree with what you said about Brad. I think that he has been feeling so comfortable with who he is that he doesn’t care what people think. If there is role where he has to be clean shaven and neat hair that will be the Brad we will see. Off topic: I have been noticing for quite sometime now that Katie Holmes and her daughter have been in Australia where she is filming and I guess Tom is here in the states. I have not seen one article about them being apart and claiming they must be have problems etc etc. But day after day we see these lies about Brad and Angie. Why, what is the difference?

    • June

      Now that the dusts have settled down, I’m taking my time reading the news, looking at all the beautiful photographs again and again and watching the videos until the next RC (most probably SALT).
      Brad had been busy on Monday doing the People interview (glad to know that Angie was with him in this) and the RC later that evening.
      QT got it right about Brad. Brad is at his best and I guess with Angie at his side, the support and love he gets, really show in everything that he does.
      If you are happy and contented with life, it shows.

    • http://pitt-news.blogspot.com/ niko
    • http://joliepittresource.wordpress.com joliepittfanatic

      Mary Ann- Actually, there HAVE apparently been some rumors about Tom and Katie having trouble (at least, that’s what a commentor on a recent Celebrity-Baby Blog post claimed). I agree with you, though. It seems to be just the J-Ps that get split up rumors whenever they are apart for any length of time.

      angela- That was quick! How did someone manage to get the PEOPLE scans already? That’s this week’s issue, which doesn’t hit stands until tomorrow (Thursday) at the very earliest (sometimes I see the new issue of PEOPLE in stores on Thursday, other times it takes a bit longer). Anyway, I will not look at the scans as I subscribe to PEOPLE, and want to wait until I get my copy to read it (unfourtnately, PEOPLE takes longer to hit mailboxes than it does to hit store shelves. It generally doesn’t arrive until Friday, and some weeks it takes until Saturday)! :)

    • http://joliepittresource.wordpress.com joliepittfanatic

      angela- Thanks! Aw, it looks like Pax was getting sleepy!

    • http://joliepittresource.wordpress.com joliepittfanatic

      Oh, and I knew Brad would protect his boys’ ears! :)

    • JK

      See these video links!


      Brangie’s Steamy Relationship Secrets
      Posted by ExtraTV Staff on August 11, 2009 6:56 AM
      Hollywood supercouple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked the red carpet on Monday at the Los Angeles premiere of “Inglourious Basterds,” where they opened up to “Extra” about marriage and being soul mates.
      Angelina looked sizzling in a strapless, cinched, leather dress by Michael Kors and gladiator heels. In a recent Parade magazine interview, Brad called Jolie his “soulmate.” Angie confirms the title is mutual, saying “That is very cool. Well, he’s mine.”
      The Jolie-Pitts have six little ones at home and are quite possibly the perfect couple; Brad says the two “rarely” fight. “We’ve both been around long enough and have been in enough relationships to know what we want out of it, and to know when we’re wasting time,” said the scruffy star.
      Pitt said he wouldn’t tie the knot until it is legal for everyone. Brad, in an all-black suit and shades, told “Extra,” “I said it as kind of an off-the-cuff remark because people were trying to tell other people what to do and it was such huge response positive and negative.”

      Here are two other videos:




    • JK

      Sherry, I am unable to “unsubscribe” from this post. Can you help please? Thanks. JK

    • elizabeth

      Brad’s so handsome (as always) on the picture. Hello to all

    • stratoula

      Thanks Sherry!!!I love to hear other people talking about Brad and Angie!!!It makes me love them even more cause everybody has something good to say about them!!!

    • Jacqueline

      thanks everyone for the posts – always positive, interesting words. And mille thanks to Angela for the pic of brad with Mad & Pax; it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen- Brad cradling Pax who is asleep (during a Greenday concert!!!); you can just tell by looking how safe those boys feel with their dad . . . and Brad is so engaged, sharing his thoughts and experience with his boys. It’s lovely.
      And I do agree about how much Brad is happy to have moved-on with his ‘pretty-boy’ image in his more youthful days; he’s so comfortable in-his-skin today; so fulfilled and content.
      I love this site!

    • kim

      People Mag has video interview with Brad up it is really good. take a look.

      I would so vote for him on that platform. And interesting what he says about love and how he will miss it when it’s gone.

    • kim

      just a check

    • http://joliepittresource.wordpress.com joliepittfanatic

      JC- Click on the “Manage your subscriptions” like next to “You are subscribed to this entry”. I’m guessing one of the options you are given at that link is to unsubscribe. :)

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