Dane Cook, You Gotta Keep Your Mouth Shut

During last night’s taping of the 2009 Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, California, “comedian” Dane Cook took to the stage to present a Choice Hottie award, and tried to make a wise crack at Vanessa Hudgens’ expense while he was at the microphone.


In front of an entire auditorium of people, Dane said “Vanessa Hudgens! Girl, you gotta keep your clothes on!” referencing the embarrassing leak of racy photos of Vanessa last week. This second set is being said to have been part of the first batch that were leaked online two years ago.

Vanessa’s fans didn’t take kindly to the 37-year-old dissing her, and boo’d and hissed at him. I really hope they don’t cut that from the airing tonight!

The 2009 Teen Choice Awards air tonight at 8-10PM ET/PT on Fox.

[image: bauer-griffin]

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    • kelly harper

      if i was zac I would’ve stomped his ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • pam

      Go back and view her interview with Tyra Banks when she refers to Britney and Lindsey’s actions as “stupid.” She says “it’s easy to stay out of those situations…You have to be smart about your decisions.” (Now who’s living in a glass house?)

    • Lizzie

      I feel that it was too bad what Dane Cook did to Vanessa….simply because there’s alot of crazy stars out there who make much crazier things than what Vanesssa did but instead he called out Vanessa for his own popularity…it is not wrong to talk to someone personally about wrong things a person does but not in the way he made it…a good comedian makes joke out of his own talent but not taking or stepping to other people’s lives…for Vanessa, guys let’s not judge her simply through nude pictures…after all, we don’t know her personally….i’ve seen her pictures with her family and i still feel she is a very loving daughter to her parents, a very good sister and a good friend to everyone…She’s not perfect and what happened was simply part of life to learn and become more responsible with her decisions in life….I still wants to see the real vanessa, as a good actress and a singer….apart from that, she has her own life, not anymore like normal people because she’s now very famous…and let’s give her a chance because she’s such a talented young lady…I also salute vanessa’s honesty, she accepts her faults and face it with all smile…you’re such a strong young lady that knows how to face life in times of difficulties….you’re simply amaizing…!!