• Sun, Aug 9 2009

Big Poppa’s Photo, Danielle Staub’s Daughter Becomes A Model [Link Love]


  • A photo of Kim Zolciak’s “Big Poppa” was obtained by TMZ. The photo was taken last November, when the two were still together. [TMZ ]
  • Danielle Staub‘s daughter, Christine, has just signed with IMG Models. Word is she may even book a show at the upcoming Fashion Week in NYC. Here’s hoping her modeling career ends up working out better than her momma’s. [Style Watch]
  • Looks like I’m not the only person doubting the TRUE LOVE of our favorite little reality fame mongers Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley. Extra questions their relationship/business partnership as well, mentioning the rumor that Slade approached Gretchen with the idea of becoming a “couple” so he could get on the show. [Extra]
  • Slade’s in trouble with the law once again. He may or may not have beaten up some dude. It’s an “open investigation.” [TMZ]
  • NYC Prep is not doing so hot in the ratings. I guess spoiled rich people going to fashion shows is only watchable when the cast members are over 30. [NY Observer]
  • Dina Manzo‘s first season of Real Housewives of New Jersey may be her last. An “insider” told Daily News that Dina is “close to exiting” the show. [NY Daily News]
  • Gerard Butler found the one woman on earth he doesn’t want to sleep with: Kelly Bensimon! [D-Listed]
  • [Image: Bauer-Griffin]

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    • DUH

      If Dina leaves because of the behind-the-scenes strife with Danielle, you can bet that Caroline, Theresa and Jacqueline will leave with her.


      I hope he beat some guys ass real good too.(some guy)lmao.heheheheheheh.I am kidding. I just hope they have it on tape so I can pop the popcorn to the cage fighting. I think I know who it is.lmao. hehehehehe


      danielle’s daughter is very beautiful. there is a steady income coming to the house so I think they wont be evicted or something.lol. IDK.lol


      dina is a tool anyways.lol. Have a nice monday everyone.

    • halle

      I hope Slade kicked Jay’s wimpy loser ass too. Gretch & Slade look hot in that pic, but then when do they not look hot?

    • mzchristine

      looks like Kim pulls out the quality wigs for “Big P”.

    • Anica

      I haven’t watched much of the Atlanta Housewives but I was wondering why Kim wears wigs? Did she have some sort of medical issue? I can see that she pulls her real hair out the front of her wig, so I know she has hair. And why does she use synthetic wigs? They are so shiny, like doll hair. She should get some real hair wigs I think. Anywho…what’s the scoop on her hair? Anyone?

    • kat

      She will not say what was wrong with herself only that it wasn’t cancer. You can tell when her real hair needs to be dyed in front and then the wig looks pink. The more you wear a wig with hair under it, doesnt your real hair start to fall out?


      LOL Maria, she did say it was ALMOST Cancer. WTF?lol. lol Barbie hair.lol

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      Anica, in last season’s reunion she said it was because her hair fell out after she was sick. She said it was almost cancer, but ended up not being cancer. No one really knows! I think she likes having Barbie hair.