Tom Cruise is Back in Melbourne

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise I was just saying that I didn’t think Tom Cruise was back in Melbourne yet, but according to the Herald Sun, he is! After being gone for a month from Katie and Suri, the family had an emotional reunion with his wife and daughter.

Cruise, who has been away from his young family for over a month, landed at Essendon airport in a private jet at 2pm and headed straight for the Docklands studios where Holmes is filming Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

It was clear Cruise, who flew out of Australia on July 7, had deeply missed his wife and young daughter, spending time with them in their trailer before heading out to enjoy the sunshine.

Tom and Katie took Suri to the Flagstaff Gardens, where they had a low key celebration. You can see a picture of the family here.

I am glad they are back together again!

Image Credit: INF


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    • Alexis

      There are some really cute pictures here:

    • annie

      Totally agree Alexis they are lovely pics, there are a few pics , where the wind is blowing back Suris hair off her face and she looks so much like Tom, Ithink his girls missed him. Glad he’s back .

    • Charlotte Rose

      Glad he’s back to “help” Katie….and it only took a full month. IMHO, if Tom was working outside the country, Katie would NEVER have gotten away with being away from him for a whole month. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander in this relationship. Katie needs to clamp down on Tom and get what she gives for once. He should have been around atleast every couple of weeks to help Katie with Suri while she worked….just like she did when he was in Germany filming and just like I’m sure she’ll do again whenever he starts filming something.

      Also, the whole setup at the park looks contrived to me. What man flies 15 hours to see his wife and daughter and rather than be with them in private to catch up and spend time with them, takes them to a park in the middle of Melbourne that’s busy? Sorry, but I think Tom very much wanted the paps to see that he’s back in Australia.

      I started out a Tom fan but have since become a Katie fan. Still love his work, but his personal life leaves me with big questions as to his sincerity as a husband. I don’t think Katie is being treated right by Tom. Maybe she doesn’t mind, but it looks to me as if she’s being used and not appreciated.

    • Charlotte Rose

      Oh. By the way…..that tomcruiseforever site has zillions of pics of the “event” in the park. Much more than popsugar. Whoever runs that site definitely has a connection to Tom IMO. They get everything immediately after it’s released and seem to always have the inside track on whats happening. I really think the owner has a link to Tom’s people.

    • Bambi

      Charlotte Rose, if you read the article it says that Tom headed to the Dockland Studios and spent a lot of time with Katie and Suri in Katie’s trailer before heading to the park. I know you don’t like Tom very much, but you should read things more carefully before attacking him.

      These photos are absolutely gorgeous! They all look so happy to be together.

    • Charlotte Rose


      I didn’t “attack” Tom. I shared my opinion of the situation which is just that….my opinion. You’re being judgemental because you dislike my opinion. You don’t have to agree nor should you be scolding me. If they spent time alone, I’m happy, however the pictures in the park still seem contrived to me. They were unnecessary unless they wanted to be noticed and photographed. Also, please keep in mind that I don’t have the time to read every word written about Tomkat. I’m a mother. I’m employed full time and I have a house to run. I also don’t see anything here saying that they spent a LARGE amount of time in Katie’s trailer. It could have been a few minutes. Still, if they did, that’s not very private. You’re being awfully judgemental. My opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s.

      The fact remains that Tom spent a full month is Los Angeles rather than be with his wife and daughter in Melbourne while Katie spent the full summer of 2007 in Germany catering to Tom while he worked on Valkyrie. SHE gave up her career to be a wife and mother, yet Tom doesn’t seem to have the same obligation. Sorry, but that’s not a balanced relationship IMO.

    • dido

      bambi, you said exactly what ı wanted to say

    • Just My Opinion

      Ladies, I don’t think Tom Cruise spent that much private time in the trailer
      with Katie and Suri because there are reports he arrived to Australia at 2:00
      p.m. in the afternoon. If you look at the pictures when he’s getting off the
      plane he is wearing the SAME clothes when he goes to the park with Katie and
      Suri. And it was still light outside so he spent a few minutes in the
      trailer and then took them to the park. I think it was for a photo
      opportunity. But guess what? He’s in the line of business where you need
      to stay in the news because Hollywood is a very competitve business.

      I think by ALL ACCOUNTS we are in an economic recession and even Hollywood is
      being CAUTIOUS as far as what movies they will green light to film. No one
      wants to lose money. I read an article in Variety where Julia Roberts refused
      to take a cut in pay from her usual 20 million paycheck per movie. I bet her
      advisors didn’t want to get a smaller commission check and convinced Julia
      Roberts not to budge. Guess what? The studio passed on her and gave the role
      to Sandra Bullock to appear in The Proposal for LESS MONEY than Julia Roberts.
      The Proposal became a hit summer movie. I bet Julia Roberts was UPSET when
      she realized she made a mistake to not cut her salary demands. Live and learn.

      I think Tom Cruise is also trying to get movie projects off the ground and he’s finding it harder than usual in these tough days.

    • Just My Opinion

      When there is a recession people are less likely to spend $10.00 on
      a movie and instead stay home and rent a DVD. Buy a box of popcorn
      from Costco and watch movies from home. Its less expensive.

    • Just My Opinion

      I think the website SuriItalia is the one that comes up with the latest
      pictures of Suri, Cruise, and Katie.

    • ari

      Finally toghether, a month that’s a lot!!!. They look really happy I love the pics, BTW Katie holmes daily has a lot of pics too and the latest news, go check it out.

    • Charlotte Rose

      bambi, you said exactly what ı wanted to say


      Unfortunately, my response to bambi is in moderation. When it’s finally posted, please read that response.

    • annie

      One month is a long time, but Melbourne is not around the corner either. God knows I’ve had a go at him lots of times, but I think they all let you see what they want you to see. If you look at Brangelina, you get to see them and their kids when a movie is getting close to coming out, thats when they start popping up, here and there, I’ve noticed that. If Tom took his kids to Cannes, like Brad did, paticularly Suri, all hell would break loose. Everyone would come out and say he is using her for pulicity(don’t like that p word for a little kid). On the surface, yes he does look sometimes, that he is not very supportive, but at the same time , if their shedules clash, Katie is never going to get to make any movies, if she doesn’t go on her own maybe occasionally. I’m only saying this , really I don’t know what making movies entails and how much Tom gets involved in them.
      I don’t believe that Katie is the kind of stupid girl, that would stay around to be used and abused, Suri was with her in Melbourne for the month, and I don’t think she has anything to fear from Scie, really, like people say. I don’t think that applies to NK either. I think if she didn’t want to be with Tom, I think she has it in her to walk.
      I do believe that his reputation and ego have taken a beating, and it must have brought stresses in the relationship, it would have been hard not too, but those pics in the park were gorgeous, Suri was very , very happy to be back with her dad , and Katie looked very happy too , and she tends to show if something bothers her. Tom is a very good father, the close bond that he has with Connor and Bella, to me, show that the kids like being with him by choice. I think they love him very much, and that says something to me, anyway, even if I do pick on him sometimes!

    • kit

      Don’t understand why anyone would separate their family unless it was absolutely necessary but actors are narcissists by nature and both Tom and Katie are actors.

    • Alexis

      Annie – I think Brad and Angelina’s children tend to be seen more when they’re promoting films because that’s when they’re on the move (in hotels, airports, etc) and in public access areas where it’s possible for the paparazzi to get to them. At other times, when they’re in their homes in LA, France, or New Orleans, paps can’t get inside their private property. That’s just my observation. I could be wrong.

    • kate

      I just don’t get how you can form an opinion that has any substance to it from pictures plus not know what was happening behind closed doors and not know what Tom has been doing for the month.
      IMO they are a family trying to make a living in their chosen profession of acting. We get a glimpse of what they are like because when they are out in public they are in the viewfinder of the paps camera.
      The paps. the gossip mags and the gossip shows do not know them and their personal lives. Even their friends do not exactly what goes on in their relationship, they still only no what they see.
      I knew someone who had been married for a long time and it turned out they were only together in public and not in their home. I did not have a clue.
      I knew a family that the dad was gone three weeks at a time and when he was home some times the mom would have to be gone. The children last year bought them a house in Costa Rica and now they moved there and the kids are always there visiting.
      You just never know the real internal workings of a relationship from the outside. That is why I do not form an opinion from pics and gossip.
      This is what I do know they love their jobs, they are hard workers, they respect their fans, they live their lives as normal as possible(Katie has said this)their freinds say they are wonderful people and their family(inlaws included)seem to get along and care about each other.

    • Charlotte Rose

      Hi annie,

      Please note that I have NEVER said Tom is NOT a good father. I believe sincerely loves his children and they love him very much as well. I don’t think he’s a great husband. He’s on his third marriage! I hope he’s learned from the first two and makes himself more available to Katie in terms of support when she’s working, just as she does for him. You don’t spend a month away from your family when you have a private plane (which he owns) at your disposal 24/7 – no matter where they are. Yes, 15 hours is a long trip, but something that’s doable when you have Tom’s resources. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…if he really wanted to. I think that’s the problem. He’s so involved in his own stuff that he becomes self centered and doesn’t MAKE time for some of the things he should. It’s my opinion that Katie is the GIVER in the relationship and Tom is the TAKER. I don’t see it as a mutual relationship. That’s the way I see it. Of course, I could be wrong. That’s why it’s just an opinion and not a fact. :)

    • Mary

      kate says:
      August 9, 2009 at 12:36 pm

      This is what I do know they love their jobs, they are hard workers, they respect their fans, they live their lives as normal as possible(Katie has said this)their freinds say they are wonderful people and their family(inlaws included)seem to get along and care about each other.

      “.The media version of Tom and the real version of Tom have no connection. – David Croneberg.

      The photos of Tom, Katie and Suri at Flagstaff Gardens are gorgeous.

    • kelly

      I don’t disagree that those pictures do look staged. But they are lovely and that doesn’t mean they don’t have a level of sincerity. I think they are just trying to give the public a little something. They care about eachother and make a cute family. And I have met Tom a few times, and say what you want about his beliefs/behavior… He is a nice guy with a nice family! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.